Campground in Western Australia

(Behind) Roadside Rest Area

(Bow River) Desmond's Parking Bay

(CLOSED) Bachsten Bush Camp - Booking required

*CLOSED* Going Overland Gravel Pit

100-acre Woods

131km from Bililuna

14 Mile Beach & The Ridge - Warroora Station

1st Campground @ Buntine Rocks

2 Camel Creek 24 Hour Rest Area

2 Camel Creek R.A. Entrance

202km from Bililuna

24 Hour Self-contained RV Stop

25 Mile Well

26th Parallel Rest Area

2nd Campground @ Buntine Rocks

3 Camels

3 Mile Pool to 5 Mile Pool Camp Sites along Ashbur

3rd Campground @ Buntine Rocks

40km E of Madura

800m From James Price

A.O.G. Family Campsite

Adventist Campground

Afghan Rock Rest Stop

Afghan Well Camp

Agnes Gnamma Hole

Ahoy there

Albert Tognolini Rest Area

Alexander Bay

Alexandra Bridge

All Hands Well Rest Area

Amber Ridge Estate

Amherst Point

Anderson Rock

Anglican Church Campground

Anne Beadell Hwy No 1 Campsite

Anne Beadell Hwy No 3 Campsite

Anne Beadell Hwy No 4 Campsite

Anne Beadell Road Side

Another Gravel Pit

Anzac Drive Roadside Parking Bay

Apex Park Beverley (No Tents)

Ardath Hotel

Argyle Mine Rest Area Northbound

Armoin Nature Based Camp Grounds

Arturchik's Rest

Arturick's Rest

Ashburton River

Ashburton Riverside Camp

Average Spot

Avon Ascent Gwambygine

Baandee Lake

Back Of Rest Area

Backpacker Camper Paradise

Baden Powell Mine Rest Area

Baden Powell, Lane Poole Reserve

Badgerin Rock Gravel Pit

Baladjie Nature Reserve

Bald Hill Campgrounds, Avon Valley National Park

Balingup Transit Facility

Balladonia Bush Camp

Balladonia Roadside Stop

Ballinyoo Bridge

Bambam Camp Ground

Bandee Rest Area

Banker Mt Day Rd - North

Banksia Camp Site

Banksia Reserve

Bannister Rest Area

Barlangi Hill/Rock

Barrabup Campground

Barrabup Rest Area

Barrabup Sanctuary

Barradale Rest Area (Yannarie)

Baxter Cliffs / Twilight Cove

Baxter Rest Area

Baxters RA Off-road Gravel Area

Bea Bea Creek Rest Area

Beach Camping 7.5km from Coulomb Point

Beach Camping Arid Bay - 4WD ONLY

Beadell Camp

Beasley River Rest Area 24 Hour

Beaufort River - Book via YouCamp Website

Bee Farm Rd

Beehive Rest Area

Beermullah Rest Area

Beezkneez Camp

Behind Parking Area Detour

Behind Parking Bay

Behind The Hil At Truck Bay

Behind The Hill Site

Behind Truck Park

Behind Truck Stop

Behn River

Belinup Campground (Thomas River Riverside)

Bellary Creek

Belvidere Campsite

Bench Mark Site

Bencubbin Roadside Rest Area

Benwenerup Campground

Beringbooding Rock

Bettys Beach

Between Camps Sites 28 & 29

Big Bell

Big Brook Arboretum Campground

Big Hill Brook Track

Big Lagoon Campground

Big Open Area off the Road

Big Rock With View Of Salt Lake

Big Site GEH

Big tree Camp Site

Big Van Turn Around

Bikeheart Pond

Bilbarin Hall

Bilbunya Dunes Camp Site

Billabong Roadhouse & Accommodation

Billiburning Rock

Bilung (Birlungardi) Pool

Bilyuin Pool Campsite

Bindoon Transit Caravan Sites

Birdwood Downs Station

Bitumen Pit

Bitumen Site

Bitumen Site

Bitumen Site

Bitumen Site

Bitumen Site

Bitumen Site

Bitumen Site

Bitumen Site

Bitumen Site

Bitumen Site

Bitumen Site Kalgoorlie

Bitumen Site Kalgoorlie

Bitumen Site Pull Over

Biutumen Site

Black Gravel

Black Moon Cliff

Black Point Bush Camping Area

Black Well Truck Stop

Blackies 1 (Shelter Bay) - Steep Point

Blackies 2 (Shelter Bay) - Steep Point

Blue Drum

Blue Metal Dump Site

Blue Metal Gravel Site

Blue Metal Pit

Blue Metal Pit

Blue Metal Pit - Petrador

Blue Metal Pit East Side Of Road

Blue Metal Site

Blue Metal Site

Blue Metal Site

Blue Metal Site

Blue Metal Site

Blue Metal Site

Blue Metal Site

Blue Metal Site

Blue Metal Site Opposite Parking Area

Blue Metal Stockpile

Bluebird Rest Area

Bluemetal Site

Bluemetal Site

Bluff Creek Hut (access Fm Beach)

Blythwood Rest Area

Blythwood South Rest Area

Boat Harbour

Bobbos Rest Stop

Bodallin Pioneers Park

Bodallin Railway Dam

Boddington Caravan Park & Old Police Station A

Boddington Free 48hr RV Camping Area

Bolinda Vale Farm

Bollygum Dell

Bonnie Rock Townsite Campground

Booanya Rock (Unofficial camp)

Boolaboola Rest Stop

Boondi Rock & Dam (NP)

Boorabbin Koorarawalyee 24hr Stop

Boorabin Memorial

Boranup Campground - fees apply

Borden Recreation Ground

Borrow Pit

Boscabel Hall

Boscabel Rest Area

Bottle Bay Campground

Bottle Camp

Breakaway Campground - Coalseam Conservation Park

Bridge Camp

Bridgetown Railway Reserve (Trial)

Bringo Lookout Geraldton

Brockman/Stewart Rest Area

Broke Inlet

Broke Inlet Beach Bar

Bromus Dam

Brookton Lions Park RV Stop

Broome Bird Observatory

Broome Pistol Club & Overflow

Broome Seventh Day Adventist Overflow

Broomehill Rest Area

Bruboodjoo Point/9 Mile Camp - SC

Bruce Rock Parking Bay

Bruce Rock RV - 48 hr Parking.

Buck Hills (western side of Hill)

Buddhas Overnighter

Buffalo Roadside Rest Area

Bullara Station Stay

Bullfinch Campground

Bullock Holes

Bungabiddy Rock Hole

Bungarra (Cape Range NP)

Bunjil Rocks

Buntine Rock

Burkett Road Rest Area

Burra Rock Camping Ground

Burracoppin Centenary Park Rest Area

Bush Bay Camping Area

Bush Camp

Bush camp

Bush Camp

Bush Camp

Bush Camp

Bush Camp

Bush Camp

Bush Camp

Bush Camp

Bush Camp

Bush Camp

Bush Camp

Bush Camp

Bush Camp

Bush camp

Bush Camp

Bush Camp

Bush Camp

Bush Camp

Bush Camp

Bush Camp (Unofficial)

Bush Camp - Maggie's Bore

Bush Camp Among Desert Oaks

Bush Camp with View

Bush Camp-Track Opposite RIP Lookout

Bush Campsite

Bush Campsite

Bush Campsite

Bush Campsite (Unofficial)

Bush Campsite (unofficial)

Bush Roadsite Camp

Bush Shack

Bush Site

Bush Stay @ M & M's

Bush Track - 4WD and Dry Weather Only


Bushfire Water Tank

Busselton Farm - Fully Self Contained Vans Only

Busted Windmill

Butcher's Inlet Cossack

Button's Crossing

Cad Memorial Rest Area

Cadoux Camp Site

Caiguna Blow Hole Bush Camp

Caiguna East Freecamp

Calingiri Flat Blue Metal Site

Callawadda Rest Area {North Side}

Camel Last Resort

Camel Soak

Camp 7

Camp Africa

Camp Amongst The Gum Trees

Camp Brakesway

Camp Cane River (Cane River Conservation Park)

Camp Grace

Camp In The Trees

Camp Near Ruins - Dundas Rocks

Camp On Road

Camp Sandalwood

Camp Site

Camp Southern Cross

Camp tyres

Camping and Motor Bike Area (Unofficial)


Campsite next To Telstra Tower Track

Campsite North of Well 24

Campsite North of Well 31

Canebrake Pool - Rapids Conservation Park

Canna Dam

Canna Hall Campsite

Canning Stock Route - Area to Camp

Canning Stock Route - Small Camping Area

Canoe, Paddle Craft and Ski Area

Cape Keraudren - Cootenbrand Creek

Cape Keraudren Cliff Camp

Cape Keraudren Sandy Beach

Cape Keraudren Top Camp (Boat Ramp)

Cape Range NP Boat Harbour

Cape Ransonnet

Cape Riche Campground

Capel RV Stop - SC 3 Sites Only

Capricorn North Rest Area

Capricorn Roadside Campground

Caravan and camping

Carawine Gorge

Carawine Upper Pool And Crossing

Carlabeencabba Rockhole & Emergency Phone

Carmel Cider

Carnegie Station

Caroline Pool

Caroline Pool Grave Site

Caron Dam Reserve

Cascade Nature Reserve

Cassuarina Grove

Casuarina Camp

Casuarina Camp

Casuarina Camp

Cat Camp

Cave Hill Main Dam Campground

Cave Hill Three Dams Camping Ground

Cec Barrows Campground - Group Bookings Only

Centenary Rocks aka Blazed Tree Camp

Centre Road Crossing Campsite

Cervantes Oval Overflow

Changerup Hall

Chapmans Pool Warner Glen Campground

Chappel's Bridge

Charlie's Flat

Charlottes Bush Camp

Charnley AWC Property Camp

Chay's Camp

Chestnut Brae

Cheynes Beach Unofficial

Chiefs Creek

Chimney Hut Gully / Creek Bridge

Chranbrook Weld Range

Christian Brethren Campsite

Christmas Pool

Chuditch, Lane Poole Reserve (NO FIRES)

Circle Drive Camp Spot

City of Karratha Overflow RV Site

Clada Hill

Claypan On Desert Queen Track

Clearing Unofficial Overnight

Cleary Parking Bay With Bin

Cleaverville Beach Camping

Cliff Camping Spot

Cliff Head

Cliff Head North Campground

Cliff Head South Campground

CLOSED -Burekup Hall (Short Term Caravan Parking)

CLOSED-Point Road Campground

CLOSED: Esperance Overflow Campsite

Cobbah Downs River Crossing

Cobbler Pool

Cobbler Pool Alt1

Cockburn Rest Area

Cocklebiddy Caves Road Entry

Cocklebiddy Gravel Pit

Codjatotine Rest Area (School Ruins)

Collier Range Rest Area

Comet Rest Stop

Commodore Camp

Condingup Community Hall (at the town oval)

Congelin Campground, Dryandra Forest

Connie's Camper trailer Campsite

Conto - Chuditch Loop

Conto - Davies

Conto - Hamelin

Conto - Quenda Loop

Conto - Whalers Loop

Conto - Whistlers Loop

Conto Campground

Coodamurup Hut

Coolabulla Pool Flora & Fauna Reserve

Coolbro Creek

Coolgardie 48 Hour Rest Stop Area

Coongan Long Pool


Coppins Gap

Corella Campsite (11)

Corner Camp Site

Coronation Beach Campground

Corrigin Roadside Parking Area

Corrigin RV Stop

Cosy Corner East

Coulters Camp

Cowalla Camping - On The Moore Rover

Cowcowing Lake Boat Ramp

Cowcowing Parking Bay

Cranbrook Rest Area

Crebers Creek Camp

Credo Homestead Campground

Creek Crossing SW Of Marble Bar

Crescent Moon Camp

Crossman Rest Area

Crowea Rest Area

Crystal Springs (DEntrecasteaux NP)

CSR Casuarina Camp

CSR Durba Springs

CSR Georgia Bore

CSR North Of 38

CSR North Pool

CSR Nth Of Well 39

CSR Nth Of Well 43

CSR Well 10

CSR Well 12

CSR Well 14

CSR Well 16

CSR Well 18

CSR Well 2

CSR Well 20

CSR Well 24 (Kurara Soak)

CSR Well 25

CSR Well 26

CSR Well 27

CSR Well 28

CSR Well 29

CSR Well 3

CSR Well 30 (Dunda Jinna)

CSR Well 31

CSR Well 33

CSR Well 34 (Nibil)

CSR Well 35 (Minjoo)

CSR WELL 36 (Wanda)

CSR Well 37

CSR Well 39 (Murgurga)

CSR Well 41 (Tiri)

CSR Well 42 (Guli)

CSR WELL 43 Billowagi

CSR Well 44

CSR Well 45

CSR Well 46 (Kuduara)

CSR Well 47 (Kartalapuru)

CSR Well 49 (Lampa)

CSR Well 5

CSR Well 50 (Jikarn)

CSR Well 6 (Pierre Springs)

CSR Well 7

CSR Well 8

CSR Well13

CSR Well15

Cuballing Tavern (free with Patronage)

Cue RV

Cundeelee Bush Camping

Cunyu camp

Curlys Camp


Damperwah Camp Zone

Dampier Landing

Danberrin Hill

Dandaragan Transit Park

Dantés Rock

Dardanup Hall Car Park

Datjoin Rock & Well

De Grey River 24hr Rest Area

De Grey River Camp

Denga's Beach Camping (Sandy Cape)

Deralinya Historic Homestead

Des Streckfuss Rest Area

Desert Oak 1

Desert Oak Camp

Desert Oaks Campsite

Desert Queen Baths Campground

Desert Surf Central

Dessert Oak Camp

Devil Creek

DHI Barge Landing

Diesels Rest Spot

Digger Rest Area

Diggers Rest Station

Dixies Retreat

Djarindjin Camp Ground

Domblegabby Rest Area

Donkey Creek Roadside Stop

Doolena Gorge

Downderry Winery Overnight

Draftys Campground

Dragon Rocks Camp

Drakesbrook Weir

Drovers Pool

Drummonds Campground, Avon Valley National Park

Drummonds Reserve Badgingarra

Drysdale River

Drysdale River Station Homestead

Ducketts Mill Wines & Denmark Farmhouse Cheese

Dugal (Flat Rock) - 11km from Walmadan (JPP)

Dundas Lake - West Side

Dundas Shire Gravel Pit 10

Dunham River RA Nth of bridge

Dunn Soak, Punmu Community

Dunns Ecopark

Dunsky Beach Camp

Dwarda Downs Country Hideaway

Eadine Springs Lower - not suitable for vans

Eadine Springs R A - Clackline

Eagle Bluff (Permit Required)

Eagle Private Camp Site

Eagle Rock Pools

Eaglestone Rock

East Bay Campground

East Newdegate Parking Area

East Of A Rocky Knoll

East Of Thursday Rock

Easter 1 & 2 (Shelter Bay) - Steep Point

Edaggee Rest Area

Edmund River

El Questro - Bustard Private Campsite 1 PAID SITE

El Questro - Corella Private Camp 12

El Questro - Cormorant Private Camp 23 (CLOSED)

El Questro - Finch 30

El Questro - Harrier Private Camp 14

El Questro - Lorikeet Private Camp 7

El Questro - Private Camp 21 Magpie Goose

El Questro - Willie Wagtail Camp 20 (CLOSED)

El Questro - Wren Private Campsite 3 (CLOSED)

El Questro Galah Campsite 25

El Questro Heron Private Campsite 24

El Questro Private Camp #22 Honeyeater

El Questro Private Campsite 13 Friarbird

El Questro- Mopoke Private Camp 9

Elachbutting Rock Camping Area


Eldred Rd

Elevated Camp Site 41

Ellenbrae Station

Ellendale Pool

Ellendale Station Rest Area

Elles Beach

Elsey Hills Camp Spot

Elsey Hills Camp Spot

Emma's Private Camp

Emu Rock

Emu Well Rest Area {South Side}

Enanty Barn Mingenew

Eneabba Recreation Centre

Ethel River

Eulin Crossing Camping Area

Eurardy Rest Area

Eurardy Rest Area

Ex Road Works Site - No Longer Accessible

Exmouth Council Emergency Accom Overflow

Eyre Bird Observatory Turnoff

Fair Harvest Permaculture Farm Stay - YouCamp

Fairweather's Patch (Unofficial)

False Entrance Site 1

False Entrance Site 2

False Entrance Site 3

False Entrance Site 4

False Entrance Site 5

Fanny Cove

Farm Stall Donation Site

Farmer Tank Gravel Pit


Ferguson Hall Public Toilets

Fern Spring

Fernbrook Farm Stay

Fernhook Falls Campground

Feysville Bush Camp

Fig Tree Crossing Rest Area

Fig Tree Jump Up Camp (unofficial)

Firetail Forest [MUST Book]

Fish Creek Hut Campground

Fishy Well Rest Area

Fitzgerald (Old School Site) Camping

Fitzgerald River Rest Area

Fitzys Find - Gravel Pit

Flat And Spacious Area.

Flat Area On Road To Booanya Rock

Flat Rock Campground

Flat Rock Nature Reserve

Flat Top Rock (Unofficial)

Fletchers Crossing Day Use Area

Ford Run Rest Area 80ks N of Leonora


Forrest Airport

Forries Bush Camp (Unofficial)

Fortescue River

Fortescue River Camp

Fortescue River Mouth

Fortescue River Road

Forty Mile (40 Mile) Gnoorea Point

Forty Mile (40 Mile) Gnoorea Point - East

Four Mile Campground

Four Mile Pool, Onslow

Fowlers Camp (Permit Required)

Free Camp

Free campground - side of road

Freshwater Lake

Freshwater Point - Shady Clearing

Freshwater Point North

Freshwater Point South

Froggle Forest

Frosty's Find Truck Stop Toilets

G&WDT Site 10 Lake Johnston Campsite

G&WDT Site 12 Disappointment Rock

G&WDT Site 4 The Forrestania Plots Camp Area

G&WDT Site 7 The Breakaways

G&WDT Site 9 McDermid Rock

Gabbin Town Hall

Gabby Quoi Quoi Lookout

Gabyon Station Stay

Gairdner River

Galena Bridge North

Galena Bridge South RA Murchison River

Gallie Rock (After The Sand)

Garden Rock

Garry's Place

Gary Junction Camp

Gascoyne River (Unofficial)

Gascoyne River (Middle Branch)

Gascoyne River (South Branch) RA aka Haunted House

Gascoyne River Crossing (POI 14, Kingsford Smith)

Gascoyne River Rest Stop

Gelcoat Campground

Gemfields Picnic Area - G&WDT site 14

George River Remote Bush Camp

Geraldton Bore

Giant Boab Tree Rest Area

Gibb River Station (NGALLAGUNDA)

Gidgedales Retreat

Giles Breakaway

Giles Mulga Park Rd

Giles River

Gill Pinnacle - East Entry (Great Central Rd)

Gillingarra Road Gravel Pit

Gillingarra Town Oval

Giralia Station Beach Harry's

Giralia Station Beach Site No. 14

Giralia Station Beach Site No. 16

Giralia Station Beach Site No. 19

Giralia Station Beach Site No. 22

Giralia Station Beach Site No. 3

Giralia Station Beach Site No. 4

Giralia Station Beach Site No. 4A

Giralia Station Beach Site No. 5

Giralia Station Beach Site No. 6

Giralia Station Beach Site No. 7

Giralia Station Creek Camp (Sites 8-12)

Giralia Station Stay

Gladstone Bay Campground

Glen Ayle Station

Glen Herring Gorge

Glen Mervyn Dam

Glen Mervyn Dam Camp 2

Glenbrae Gardens

Glenbrook Camping

Glentromie Parking Bay

Gloria Dieu HipCamp Farmstay

Gnaala Mia Campground

Gnamma Holes

Gnaraloo Station 3Mile Camp

Gnylmarung Retreat

Going Overland Flat Spot

Goldfield Rd Stopover

Goldfields Hwy Overnighter Leinster South

Goldwire RA & Dump Point

Good Flat Camp Spot

Good Overnighter

Goodie's Eco Camp

Goongarrie Homestead NP

Goongarrie Railway Houses

Gorden Inlet

Gordon River Roadside Camping

Gorge Rock Pool

Goulet Bluff (Permit Required)

Grace's Camp

Grader Bay

Grader Bay Pull Over

Graffiti Stones

Grande Olde Dumbleyung Inn (free with patronage)

Granite Creek

Granite Outcrop

Granite Ridge


Grass Tree Hollow

Gravel And Blue Metal Site

Gravel Area

Gravel Dump

Gravel Dump (unofficial)

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit (disused)

Gravel Pit (off the road)

Gravel Pit (Unofficial)

Gravel Pit (Unofficial)

Gravel Pit - Bolgart

Gravel Pit - Butchers Track

Gravel Pit - Cobra-Dairy Creek Rd

Gravel Pit - Paradise Camp

Gravel Pit - Roomy & Wood

Gravel Pit - Unofficial Overnight

Gravel pit - Unofficial stop

Gravel Pit 10km N of Meekatharra

Gravel Pit 2

Gravel Pit Aprox. 200mts on S side Rd

Gravel Pit Num. 18 Dundas Shire

Gravel Pit Off Road

Gravel Pit On South Side 1

Gravel Pit on the way to Repeater Tower

Gravel Pit Pull Over

Gravel Pit Pull Over

Gravel Pit Pull Over

Gravel Pit Pullover

Gravel Pit Stop

Gravel Pit with View

Gravel Pit, 9.8k E of Caiguna

Gravel Pit, Open Space

Gravel Pull In

Gravel Pull Off

Gravel Pull Over

Gravel Roadstop

Gravel Stockpile

Gravel Storage Yard Camping

Great Camp

Great Northern Highway Campground

Great Parking Spot

Green Range Parking Area

Green Range Rest Area

Greenbushes Pool (Entrance)

Greenbushes Sports Complex

Greenbushes Upper Campground

Greenhills Inn

Greenhills Inn (free with patronage)

Greens Island



Gum Creek Gravel Pit

Gum Tree Camp

Gumbanan Wilderness Retreat

Gums N Gully Farmstay

Gutha Hall

Gwalia Museum - Fully Self Contained ONLY

H1's Bush Camp

Hakea Reserve

Hamersley Inlet

Hammans Place

Harms Lake Rest Area

Harrismith Church Site

Harvey Dickson's Country Music Centre

Hearder Hill Rest Area

Heather Highway

Heather Hwy

Hegarty Creek N

Hegarty Creek S

Helena And Aurora Range (Bungalbin) North

Helena and Aurora Range (Bungalbin) South

Hema Bush Camp 4WD

Herald Bight

Herron Point Campground

Hewitt Campsite

Hi Vallee Farmstay & Camping - Please call to book

Hickmans Meteorite Crater

Hidden Area

Hidden Gem

Hide From Road Gibson Desert

Higginsville Roadside Rest Area

High Voltage Stop

Highbury Free Camp Area (Opp General Store/Fuel)

Hill View

Hines Hill Rest Area

Hoffmans Mill Closed Easter To 1st Nov

Hoggartin's Riverside Rest

Holland Bush Camp

Holland Track

Holland Track Bush Camp

Holland's Track Camp Site

Holt Rock RV Stop

Home Valley Station - River Camp

Homestead Camp Grounds

Homestead Campground, Avon Valley National Park

Homestead Red Farm

Honeymoon Bay WA (CLOSED FOR 2022 season)

Honeymoon Pool (Wellington National Park)

Hopetoun SC 48hr RA

Hospital Rocks

Hotham River site

House Creek Rest Area 24 Hour

Howies Find

Huge Quarry Site

Hull 3 (Shelter Bay) - Steep Point

Hyden Rest Stop

Ilkurlka Roadhouse Spinifex Country

Imintji Community Campground

In The Rocks

In View Of The Mountain

Informal Old Gravel Pit Approx 50m East Gravel Rd

Inside Australia ~ Gormley Sculptures

Island Brook (phone first & arrive before dar

Israelite Bay

Israelite Camp Site

Issi's Blue Metal Pit

J&M's Camp Out The Back

Jabez Farm

Jacaranda Hill Farm - YouCamp Booking required


Jam Patch

Janes Bay (Ningaloo Station)

Jango's Bush Camp

Jarrahdale RV Short Stay Area

Jarrahdene Campground

Jarvis Estate Wines

Jasper Beach Camping Area

Jaurdi Station Homestead Camp Ground 4WD

Jayes Bridge Blackwood River Picnic Area

Jazza's Camp

Jelcobine Rest Area

Jennacubbine Hall

Jennacubbine Tavern

Jenny's Farm Stay - Ring first please

Jerdacuttup Road Rest Area

Jetty Camp

Jibberding Nature Reserve

Jibberding Roadside (huge)

Jigalong Mission Rd Parking Bay

Jilah Rockhole Wayside Stop

Jillbunya Rockhole East Track

Jim's Camp - Nanga Brook

Jimberlana Hill Rest Area

Jindarring Nature Base Park

Job Lake

John Batten Community Hall For NON-Self Contained

John Forrest Lookout

John Tognela Rest Area (Northbound)

John Tognela Rest Area (Southbound)

Jokers Tunnel stopover

Jonas Camp

Jones Creek

Jorndee Creek Campsite

Jundoo Railway Dam

Jupiter Well

Juranda Rock Hole

Jurien Bay Marine Park (Sandy Cape)

Jurien Sport & Recreat Centre Overflow Camping

Just Off Captain Fawcett 4x4 Track

Kadji Kadji Camp Zone

Kalgan Creek Rope Swing

Kalgan Pool (Permit Required)

Kalgan Road Side Stop

Kalgoorlie-Boulder 24 Hour Rest Stop Area

Kalumburu Mission Caravan Park/Campground

Kambalda Turnoff

Kambalda West 48 Hour Rest Stop Area

Kangaroo Camp (Must Call First - Booking required)

Kapi Water

Karalee Rocks & Dam

Karda Campground

Kardilakan (Quandong Point)

Karens campground

Karijini Drive Rest Area

Karramindie Rest Stop

Karranadgin Overnighter

Karri Gully Picnic Site

Katanning RV Stop Over

Kate's Pit (unoffical)

Kathala Pass - Nullarbor

Katrine - Viveash Reserve, Avon River

Kazuma Diye

Kels 1 (Shelter Bay) - Steep Point

Kels 2 (Shelter Bay) - Steep Point

Kelvin's Camp

Kendenup Nature Based Camp Cash Only)

Kennedy Camping Centre

Kennedy's Beach East

Kennedy's Beach West

Keokanie Rocks

Kev Behind Truck Bays (both sides)

Kev's Campspot

Kevin Lanceley Truck & Rest Stop

Kialrah Pool (Jones River)

Kim's Corner

Kimberly Coastal Camp

King George Falls (Boat access only)

King River Rest Area

Kirkalocka 24 Hour Rest Area

Knobby Head North

Knobby Head South

Kojonup RV Rest Stop

Kokeby Rest Area

Kondinin Town Hall SC Parking Area 24hr

Konnongorring Hall

Konnongorring Tennis Club

Koojan Salmon Gum Reserve

Kookaburra (Private Site 5)

Koolanooka Springs

Koorda Native Flora Reserve

Koy Hill (south of hill)


Krakouer Rock - North 1

Krakouer Rock - North 2

Krakouer Rock Aussie Mates

Kulin RV Stop

Kulyaling Park

Kumarina Bitumen Site

Kumarl Rest Area

Kunawarritji Community


Kurrajong (Bungle Bungle National Park)

Kurrajong Campground (Cape Range NP)

Kwolyin Camp

Lachies Landing

Lackmin Flats

Lads Camp (Sandy Cape)


Lake Auld

Lake Ballard

Lake Camm Tennis Club (abandoned)

Lake Cowan

Lake Deborah West

Lake Dora

Lake Douglas

Lake Dundas (salt lake)

Lake Edawa

Lake Ewlyamartup

Lake Grace-Newdegate Roadside Stop

Lake Indoon

Lake Jasper -CLOSED

Lake Johnson

Lake Kepwari

Lake King

Lake King Roadside Pullover

Lake Koorkoordine

Lake Leschenaultia

Lake Mason Homestead - DPAW Site

Lake McDermott

Lake Nallan Campground

Lake Nallan. 19.7Ks N of Cue Eastenside

Lake Ninan

Lake Nunijup

Lake Poorrarecup

Lake Tobin South

Lake Towerrinning (Lakeside Camping)

Lake Way Rest Area

Lake Wells Camp 4

Large Bitumen Site

Large Bitumen Site

Large Bitumen Site

Large Blue Metal

Large Blue Metal Site

Large Gravel Area

Large Gravel Parking Bay

Large Gravel Pit

Large Gravel Site

Large Parking Bay

Larrawa Station Nature Stay

Latham Community Centre

Le Grand Beach Campground

Leaning Marri

Leinster Rest Stop

Leinster Roadside Stop

Lennard River Rest Stop

Lewies Campsite

Leycesters Rest Area (Ord River)

Liebe Road Rest Stop

Light Vehicle Rest Area

Lili's Camp

Lilian Stokes Rock Bush Camp

Linga Longa Bike Park Camping

Lions Dryandra Woodland Village

Little Bay Camp Site

Little Eeden Honey Farm And Apiary

Little Panton Bore

Little Panton River Crossing

Lloyd-Shrimpton Stop

Logue Brook

Logue Brook Campground



Lone Grove

Lookout Gibson Desert

Loosefoot Saloon Parking

Lots Of Space On Both Sides Of The Road

Lotti & Christian

Lou's Campground

Louis Lookout

Louisa Bay Camp

Lowden Roadside Parking Area


Lucky Bay Campground

Lucky Bay Campground

Lucky Bay Campground North (4WD)

Lyndon River RA (East)

Lyndon River Rest Area (West)

Lyons River Crossing

M&T Reststop

Mackerel Islands Resort

Madura Pass Lookout

Maggies Campsite

Magpie Camp (Unofficial)

Maitland River Mouth

Malcolm Dam Nature Reserve

Malleah Pool

Mallee Camp

Maluk Overflow

Mambi Island Boat Ramp - Ord River

Mandiga School

Mangaroon Creek

Mangowine Homestead

Manning Gorge Campground

Marble Bar Rest Area

March Fly Creek

March Fly Glen

Marchagee Picnic Area

Margaret Cove Hidden Camp Sppot

Marrinup Townsite Campground - FIRE BANS APPLY

Marshall Rock Reserve

Martins Tank (Yalgorup National Park)

Martup Pool Rest Area

Marvel Loch Free Camping

Mary Pool Rest Area

Mason Bay

Massive Gravel Yard

Matt & Pete's Rest Area

Maxwell Camp

Mayanup Rest Area

Mccabe Farm

McCann Rock - Karlgarin RSL Memorial Park

McConkey Hill

McCorry's Old Hotel

McGowan Island Beach

Meadow Rest Stop 2

Meckering Memorial Park

Meekatharra Boulders East 20Km N of Meekatharra

Meekatharra Rocks: W of GNH

Meenaar Parking Area

Meentheena Veteran Retreat

Melangata Station Stay - please phone ahead

Meleya Camp

Mellenbye Station Stay - Yalgoo

Membinup Beach

Menzies Rest Area

Menzies Road

Meridian Rest Area

Merredin Peak 24hr Self Contained RV Site

Mesa Campground (Cape Range NP)

Metal Pit

Mia Moon

Miaree Pool 24hr Rest Area

Midway Bore

Mikes Place - near Pete's

Miling Sportsground

Millers Point Reserve

Milligan Island

Millstream Miliyanha Camp

Millstream Pannawonica Road

Milo's Rest Stop

Mimbi Caves Campground - Booking required

Minding Rest Area

Miners Campground - Coalseam Conservation Park

Mingol Camp

Minilya Overflow

Minilya River Rest Area

Minnie Creek Road Rest Area

Minnivale Townsite Rest Area And Dump Pt (donatn)

Missy's Camp

Mitchell Falls Camp

Mogumber Town Oval - 48 Hour Camping Area

Moir Rock

Mollerin Rock

Mongers Lake Camp

Mongers Metal Pit

Mongers Parking Bay

Moodini Bluff Rest Area

Moonera Old Water Tank Site

Moonera Tank Cave Parking Bay

Moonera Tank Emergency Phone

Moons Crossing

Moora - SC RV's Only

Moore River Bridge Rest Stop

Moore River Ranch

Moore River Ranch & Wildlife Sanctuary

Moores Hut Camping Area

Moorine Rock Hotel - free with patronage, $ for sh

Morapoi Station Stay

Mortlock River Rest Stop

Moth Pit Rest Area

Mount Barker Roadside Parking (westbound)

Mount Beadell

Mount Gibson Sanctuary

Mount Gould

Mount Hardey Rest Area

Mount Hart Wilderness Lodge Camping Area

Mount Nositter

Mount Palmer

Mount Ragged Camping Ground

Mount Thirsty Rest Area

Mouth of Gardener Camping Area

MR Blue Metal Site

MRD Gravel Dump

Mt Burnside Rest Area

Mt Elizabeth Station

Mt Elvire Homstead

Mt Forest Borrow Pit

Mt Gibson Rest Area

Mt Holland Campground

Mt Pleasant Rest Stop

Mt Ridley - Wave Rock

Mt Robinson Rest Area

Mt Woodward Camp

Mt Yagahong

Muddy Landing Camp

Muddy Water Hole

Muirs Bridge (Frankland River) Picnic Area

Mukinbudin 24hr RV Stop

Mullewa Drive Trails - The Waterfalls

Multaga Sand Tracks

Muluks (Fletchers Creek) Rest Area

Mulyie Homestead Crossing

Mumby Pub (Opp Hotel)

Munday Camp Ground

Munglinup Beach

Munglinup Rest Area and Playground

Munni Munni

Munrillup Rest Area

Munty Pub

Munurru (King Edward River) Camp

Murchison House Station (Open April-Oct)

Murray River Crossing

Murray River Spot

Murray River Spot West Bank

Myola Cafe

Myroodah Crossing

Najada Rockhole

Nakuru Farmstay - Book via YouCamp

Nanga Brook Camp, Lane Poole Reserve

Nanga Mill, Lane Poole Reserve

Nanga Townsite, Lane Poole Reserve

Nankers Spot

Nannup Hotel (CLOSED)

Nannup Lavender Private Camping

Nanutarra Gravel Pit

Narembeen (Ltd) Free 72 Hr Self Contained RV Area

Narndee Station

Narndee Station Stay

Narrikup Gravel Pit

Narrogin Railway Dam

Narrogin RV Free Stay Area

Nash Bay (Sandy Cape)

Nature Reserve

Nature Reserve

Nazbert Camp

Neale Breakaways

Neale Junction Camp Grounds

Near Telstra Tower

Near Well 41

Near Wubin Rocks

Neds Campground (Cape Range NP)

Neds Corner Campsite

Nerren Nerren Parking Area

Nerren Nerren Rest Area

New Bays @ North Sandy Cape

New Beach

New Norcia Campsite

New Norcia Rest Stop

New Norcia Roadhouse

Newcarlbeon Rock

Newman North Rest Stop

Newmans Rocks

Ngumban Cliff Rest Area

Niagara Dam

Nick's Camp

Night spot surrounded by tall trees

Nillibubbica Rest Area

Ningaloo Station - North Lefroy Bay

Ninghan Station

No11 Pool. Rudall River N P

Noonaera Rockhole Camping

Noondanmurra #7

Noorgung Hill Campsite

Normans Beach

Norring Lake

Norring Lake North

Norseman 72hr Self Contained RV Rest Area

Norseman East Rest Area

North End Camp Area

North Gate Camp - Balladonia

North Kurrajong Campground (Cape Range NP)

North Mandu

North Of Well 37

North Of Windy Corner

Northcliffe Bush Camp

Northcliffe Visitors Centre Free RV Camp

Northwest ENEABBA

Northwest of Walpole Rest Stop

Not so West of Eucla

Notch Point Camp WA

Nth Dissapointment

Nth of Overlander, Sth of Carnarvon (unofficial)

Nugadong Parking Bay

Nullagine River Bush Camp

Nullye Soak

Nundoo Farm Stay

Nungarin Sports Complex Caravan Park

Nurriwar (Barred Creek) Camping South Side

Nuytsland Nature Reserve

NW Coastal Hwy Rest Stop

Nyingarn Campsite (Walk-In)

O'Donnell Range Gravel Pit

Oak Park And Gnamma Holes

Oakover River Stopover

Ocean Drive 48 Hour Rest Area (Permit Required)

Off Highway Camp

Off Road Camp Site

Off Road Camp Spot

Off Road Campsite 4WD

Off Road Cutting adj. Salt lake

Off road pullover

Off Road Track

off roadside

Off the Road

Off The Road

Off Track Camp

Off-road siding

Ogilvie Gravel Pit

Old Abandoned Gold Mine

Old Boorallaming Sports Ground

Old Burakin Tennis Courts

Old By Pass Road

Old Canna Camp Site

Old Cricket Field

Old Doodlakine Site

Old Dundas Townsite

Old Grain Silo Site

Old Gravel Pit

Old Gravel Pit

Old Gravel Pit

Old Gravel Pit

Old Gravel Pit

Old Gravel Pit

Old Gravel Pit

Old Gravel Pit

Old Gravel Pit Camping Area

Old Gravel Pit Day Use Area - Mogumber Road West

Old Great Central Hwy Lookout / Rest Stop

Old Holleton Townsite

Old Lanji Lanji Crossing. Aka Telegraph Pool

Old MRD Camp

Old Nairibin Cricket Club

Old Narembeen Ski Club Area

Old Onslow 'Welcome Rest Stop'

Old Ord Homestead

Old Plains Road South

Old Quarry And Swamp

Old Quarry Pit

Old Rail Stop

Old Road Alignment

Old Road Alignment

Old Road Alignment

Old Road Alignment

Old Road Alignment

Old Road Top Of The Hill Off Tourist Drive

Old Roadworks Camp Site

Old Sand Pit

Old Telegraph Station Campground

Old Tennis Court

Old Town Site

Old Trail

Old Water Pump

Old Whittakers Mill - Myalup (Fire bans apply)

Old Wynyangoo Parking Area


On Top Of The Ridge

One K Campground

Open Area 35km S of Nannup

Open Area On East of Track

Open Flat

Opp Mount Burges

Ora Banda Free Camp

Orange Gravel Area

Ord Valley Delight

Osprey Bay Campground

Over Night Homestead

Over The Hill Bush Camp

Over yonder


Overflow Camp Site. Self Contained 24hr Stay

Overflow Only Nannup Campground

Overnight Parking Bay

Overnight Stop

Overnight Stop (north of Dundas)




Overshot Hill Nature Reserve

Owl - Private Site El Questro

P Bay About 23km N of Williams

P Team Patch

Paddy's on tour campsite

Pallinup Inlet

Pallinup River Nature Reserve

Palm Springs

Paper Bark Flats

Pardoo Gravel Pullout

Park Bay


Parking Bay Both Sides Of Road

Parking Area

Parking Area

Parking Area

Parking Area 35 Ks From York

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay. Goes Right Back Off Road

Parking Diversion

Parking Off Road

Parking Overnighter

Parking Pullover

Parking Roadside

Parrngurr Turnoff

Parrot, Camp Site 8

Parry Beach (Height 2.7mt Max)

Paruka IPA Handover - Nyana/Stretch Lagoon

Paruku IPA Handover/Lake Gregory

Paynes Find Camp

Paynes Find Rest Area

Paynesville Rest Area

Peace Gorge Campground & Picnic Area

Peaceful Park - Booking Via Text

Peak Charles Camp

Peak Hill Roadside Stop

Pearson Camp

Peawah River West Rest Area

Peedamulla Campground

Pemberton Transit Park

Pender Bay Escape ** Now Open **

Pentecost River

Pentecost River Freecamp

Pentecost River Spot

Pentecost River Top Camp (Unofficial)

Perillup Rest Area

Perron Estate Camping

Perth Hills Discovery Centre (Weekends Only)

Perup Natures Guesthouse

Pete's Bush Camp

Peter Creek

Peter Denny Lookout

Petrudor Rocks

Phone Tower (Unofficial)

Piawaning Rest Area and SC RV Overnight

Picnic Area

Picnic Area Willare Bridge Camping Allowed

Piggies Place (Great Central Rd)

Pindar East (Unofficial)


Pingelly Self-contained RV Parking

Pinjarra RV Rest Area

Pioneer Tank/Dam

Plenty Of Room To Pull Right Off The Road For The

Point Billie Campsite (Ningaloo Station)

Point Lilian Campground. Great Spot.

Point Malcolm

Point Moore 24hr NON Self Contained Stop

Popanyinning Oval 72hr RV Stay

Popp N Nanni Farm Stay

Port Hedland Golf Course

Port Hedland Information Bay

Port Hedland Turf Club 72hr SC

Potters Gorge (Wellington NP - book online)

Poultons pool

Pt Quobba Blowholes Campground

PT Sandercrck. 4KM OF THe Connie Sue Hwy. Breakaway Country. Good Camp Area, Flat Site,

Pull In

Pull In Rest Area Bay

Pull Off Area

Pull Over - Gravel Pit

Pull Over Parking

Pull Over Roadside RA


Pumphreys Bridge Lion's Park

Punmu West

Quaalup Wilderness Retreat

Quagi Beach

Quails Rest

Quairading RV Camp Area (72hr)



Quartz Hill

Queerearrup Lake

Querijup Pool

Quindanning Hotel (free with patronage)

Quobba Station

Quoin Head Beach

Quoin Head Camp

R.I.P Lookout

RAAF Quarry

Rail Access Track

Rail Side

Rail Side Stop

Rail Side Stop

Railway Tavern

Rainy Rocks

Random Round Roadside Spot

Ravensthorpe 48Hr Self Contained RV Parking

Ravensthorpe East Rest Area

Red Bluff

Red Can Rest Area

Red Granite Rock

Red Gully Rest Area

Red School Site

Redtail Ridge Cottages & Camping

Reef Beach


Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area Near John Holland Rd

Rest Area The Pines

Rest Area Unofficial

Rest Area With Camping

Rest Area with information

Rest Area Yornup

Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Rest Stop - Edaggee South

Rest Stop - Gravel Pit

Rhodes Ridge Turn-Off 55ks NW Newman

Rickety Gate Wines - Cellar Door

Ridge Camp


River Crossing

River Crossing

River Road Bridge (East Side)

River Road Bridge (West Side)

Road Junction

Road Junction

Road Junction.

Road Realignment

Road Side Acres

Road Side for Cyclists

Road Side Park Area

Road Side Rest Stop

Road Side Site

Road Side Stop

Road Side Stop

Road Side Stop

Road Side Stop (unofficial)

Road Side Stop Brand Highway

Road Side Stop With Bush Tracks

Road Side Stop With Telstra Coverage

Road Stop

Road Water Dam


Roadside Area

Roadside Camp

Roadside Gravel Pit

Roadside Lookout

Roadside Parking

Roadside Parking (Woorlba East)

Roadside Parking Area

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking South Ballidu

Roadside Pullout

Roadside Pullover - Agnew-Sandstone Rd

Roadside RA Jerdacuttup Turnoff

Roadside Rest Area

Roadside Rest Area

Roadside Rest Area

Roadside Rest Area

Roadside Rest Area

Roadside Rest Area

Roadside Rest Area

Roadside rest area

Roadside Rest Area

Roadside Rest Area

Roadside Rest Area

Roadside Rest Area

Roadside Rest Area (unofficial overnight)

Roadside Rest Stop After Baddera Road

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop (Gravel Pit 107m from road)

Roadside Stop - Agnew-Sandstone

Roadside Stop - Agnew-Sandstone

Roadside Stop - Agnew-Sandstone Rd

Roadside Stop - Agnew-Sandstone Rd

Roadside Stop - Mount Magnet - Sandstone

Roadside Stop Greenough River

Roadside Stop Mt Magnet - Sandstone Rd

Roadside Stop Unofficial

Robe River Bush Camp

Robe River Rest Stop (Yarraloola Rest Area)

Rock Holes Via Old Great Central Road

Rock Tavern Bulla


Rocky Campground

Rocky Clearing

Rocky Gully Rest Area

Rocky River Camp Spot

Roe Dam

Roebourne-Wittenoom Rd Camp

Roebuck Rest Stop

Rogers Hollow

Rooneys Bridge 4WD

Ross Road Campsite

Rottnest Camping Ground

Rowles Lagoon

Roy Hill Rest Area

Rudall River

Rudall River National Park

Rudall Waterhole

Running Waters

Rushcutters On McLeod

RV Rest Area

Salt Lake Camp

Salt Lake Camp

Salt Lake Campground

Salt Lake Campsite

Saltlake only Accessible In Dry

Sandalwood Rock

Sandrifters Gravel Pit

Sandstone - Menzies Camp

Sandy Cape North

Sandy Cape Recreation Park

Sandy Cove (Sandy Cape Rec Site)

Sandy Creek

Sandy Point Camp Turn Off

Savory Creek 2

Savory Creek Camp

Savory Creek North

Sawpit Gorge

SC Preston Beach. 48 Hour.

Scavengers (Shelter Bay) - Steep Point

Schafer Campsite

Seal Creek

Seaweeds Camp

Secluded overnight stop

Selby Hills Gravel Pit

Sensational Sunset

Settlers Beach Cossack 72hr Bookings Essential

Several Bush Camps

Sewell Reserve

Shady Campsite

Shady Gum Camp

Shady Ridge - Caravan Overnight Farmstay

Shanes Spot

Shannon Campground

Shapcotts Campsite (Ghosthouse Trail)

Shark Bay Road

Shaw River

Shed Plaque Memorial

Shelgarry Estate

Shelley Beach Campground

Sheltered Clearing

Sheoak Rock - Holland Track

Sherlock River East

Sherlock River West

Shoal Cape

Side Tracks Goodlands Road

Silent Grove

Silver Wattle Hill Nature Reserve

Site 15

Site 27 - Jabiru

Skippy Rock Campground

Skull Springs on the Davis River

Skull Springs Road - River Campground

Sky Lab Well

Sleeper Hewers Hut & Camp Site (no car access)

Small Blue Metal Site

Small Bluemetal Site

Small Camp Ground

Small Overnighter Metal Surface About 5 Vans

Small Private Camp Site (4wd Only)

Smithy's Seaside Adventures camp

Smoke Bush Reserve - Hill River

Snappy Gum Central

Snottygobble Loop

Snub's Clearing

Solea Falls - Permit required, experienced only

Solid Gravel Pit.

South Gregories

South Kardilakan (Quondong Point)

South Lefroy Bay (Ningaloo Station)

South Of Billabong Roadhouse

Southern Cross First Gold Discovery

Southern Hills 24 Hour Rest Area

Spinifex Clearing

Spring Creek Rest Area

Spring Waters Estate

Spuds Gravel Bed (Unofficial camp)

St Georges Ranges

St Lukes Church 48hr Campground-Westonia

St Mary's Inlet

Stan Cannon Carpark

Stanley 24hr Rest Area

Stans Camp - Overflow Warroora Station

Stargazers Campground

Starvation Bay Campsite

Station Creek Camp

Steven's Camp

Stockton Lake

Stockton Rd Gravel Pit

Stones Brook (Wellington National Park)

Stream Beach

Stringers, Lane Poole Reserve

Stuarts Pool

Stubbs Park - Dumbleyung Self Contained

Sturt Creek Rest Area

Sue's Bridge Campground

Sullivan Creek

Swan gully

Sykes Bluff Turnoff

Talgomine Reserve

Tallering Station Stays

Tambellup 48hr Stays

Tambina Creek

Tammin Roadhouse

Tammys Rest

Tanami Road Junction

Tanami Roadside Parking

Tank Camp

Tank Siding

Taranto Road Rest Area

Tarin Rock Gravel Dump Spot

Tarin Rock Old Road Alignment

Taylors Maze

Tear Drop

Telstra Communication Tower

Telstra Tower

Temple Gorge Campground

Ten Mile Rocks

Tenindewa Pioneer Well - Wolya Well

Tent On The River 2

Tenterden Parking Bay

The Block

The Camp - Wave Rock Short Stay

The Cottage Garden

The Cut Campground

The Dugout

The Gap

The Grotts Mud Flat

The Lagoon

The Lodge, Old Halls Creek

The Lookout

The Olivers At Bridgetown

The Outback Starts Here

The Oval

The Oven / Faultline - Steep Point

The Terraces

The Trayning Hotel (with patronage)

The Trouble With Tribbles

Theatre Rock, Camp Back At Gravel Pit Or Flat Area

Thirty Seven Mile Campsite

Thirty Three River

Thirty Three River North Side

Thomas Fishery


Thomson Brook Winery

Three Mile Pool

Three Springs Short Stay Caravan Park.

Three Water Holes

Thring Rock Turnoff

Thursday Rock

Tiger Eye - Expert mode

Tiger Eye Pool/Creek

Tims Bend Overnight camp

Tip 1 & 2 (Shelter Bay) - Steep Point

Tjingkulatjatjarra Pool

Tjukurba Gallery & RV Campsite

Toapin Weir

Tonebridge Rest Area

Tony's Bend, Lane Poole Reserve

Toodyay Brook Dewars Pool

Tookle Jenna Camping Area

Toolina Cove - Nuytsland Nature Reserve

Top Of The World (Durack River)

Top Up Rise Bore

Torbay West Camp (Torbay Inlet)

Tozer's Bush Camp

Track Heads Off Road To The Right (heading East)

Trainspotters Site

Trapwell Farm - River Camping Site

Travel Stop Shell Roadhouse

Trees Out Of Sight Of Road

Trigwell Bridge

Tripinitoz Camp Site.

Tuart Drive SC RV Overnight Parking

Tuarts Reserve Rest Area

Tuckanarra Rest Area

Tulki Beach (Cape Range NP)

Tunney Rest Area

Turkey Creek Campsite

Turn Off Into Pt Culver Over Wylie Scarp

Turn Off Track to Old Quarry Camp Site

Turnoff To Bush Campsite

Turtle 1 & 2 (Shelter Bay) - Steep Point

Turtle Bay

Uendoo Creek

Ularring Rock

Ultimate Adventures: Barramundi Fishing

Under The Southern Cross Windmill

Unofficial Bush Camp

Unofficial Bush Camp

Unofficial Gravel Camp

Unofficial Gravel Camp

Unofficial Gravel Pit

Upper Kazuma

Upper Panton River

Urchin Point Camp

Valley Campsite - Avon Valley NP

Various Possible Camping Spots In Area, Yoting

Varley Chicken Ranch

Veevers Crater Turnoff

Victoria Rock

Vinceros Paradise Paddock

Violet Valley Campground

WA Jones Creek Rest Area

Wadouring Dam

Wagerup Rest Area

Wagin Showground RV Site

Wahlgu Rockholes

Walardi (Bungle Bungle National Park)

Walcott Inlet

Wallaroo Rock Cons Park

Walmadan (James Price Point)

Walsh Point Port Warrender

Walyunga National Park Campground


Wanagarren Campground (Must Have Chem Toilet)

Wandering 24 Hour Rest Area

Wandina Station

Wandoo Reserve Rest Area

Wangine Lake Unofficial Camping

Wanjarri Natural Reserve

Wanna Munna Gorge

Wannamal (Robert Hindmarsh) Rest Area

Wannamal Rest Area

Warramboo Creek

Warrdagga Hill - Ninghan Station

Warren Campsite

Warren River


Warroora Station - Sandy Point

Warroora Station Homestead

Water Crossing Camp Sites

Water Tank Track Gravel Pit

Water Tanks

Waterbank 4WD

Waterfall Gorge - WA

Watermark Entrance

Watheroo Station Tavern

Watrara Pool

Wattle Beach Camp

Wattle Camp

Wattle Camp 2

Wattle Dune Camp

Wattle Rocks - South

Waychinicup Inlet

Wayne Hunter Riverside Campspot

Wayside Stop

Wayside Stop

Wayside Stop Pull Over

Wayside Stop With Water

Wedge Tailed Eagle Retreat

Weira Reserve - 20ks East Of Mukinbudin WA

Wellards 1, 2 & 3 (Shelter Bay) Steep Point

Wellstead Bush Park

Weowanie Rock

West Eucla Bight

West of Eucla Roadside Stop

Westways Wildflowers Camping & Tours

Whalebone Bay PERMIT

Wheat Bin

Whela Creek Pindargam Creek (Mileura Station)

Whim Creek Hotel

White Cliff Rd Stopover

White Gums Bore

White Wells Rest Area

Wickepin RV 24hr Rest Area


Wilki Formations/Range

Willoughby's Spot

Willow Springs - Davies Camp

Wiluna 72hr RV Site

Winderabandi Point (Ningaloo Station)

Windich Spring

Windjana Gorge (Windjana National Park)

Windpump River Camp

Windy Corner

Windy Harbour Nature Based Camping Ground

Winnemia - Gascoyne River

Wirrkinymirre (Willie Creek) - North Side

With a Drum

Withnell Point Camp

Wogolin Historical Site

Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater Campground

Wongan Hills RV Rest Area

Wongawol Creek

Wonjarup Campground

Woodanilling RV Rest Stop

Woodland Bush Camp

Woodlands - G&WDT site 13

Woodstock Country Muster Last Weekend In Feb

Woody Island (See website)

Woogenellup North Rest Area

Wooleen Station

Wooleen Station River Campsites

Wooramel Crossing Roadside Camp

Wooramel Gravel Pit

Wooramel River Gorge

Wooramel River gorge north

Wooramel River Retreat (Seasonal)

Woorlba (Homestead) RA 132km W of Caiguna

Woottating - Near York

Woottating Parking Area

Workers Pool Camp

Wrecked Car Rest Area

Wreckers Pool Billabong

Wrights Bridge

Wubin Rocks

Wuggubun Aboriginal Community Campground


Wurarga Dam

Wyalup Rocky Point 48hr Self-Contained Rest Area

Xantippe Rock

Xantippe Tank Rd

Yalabia Rest Area

Yalgar River Bank

Yalgoo Road, South Side

Yanchep Henry White Oval

Yandanooka Town Hall

Yannarie Gravel Pit (Unofficial)

Yardie Creek (Cape Range NP)

Yarla Kutjarra Camping

Yarragil, Lane Poole Reserve

Yarri Campsite (walk-in only)

Yeagarup Beach Camping Area

Yeagarup Hut - Group Bookings Only

Yeagarup Track (halfway)


Yeo Homestead (abandoned)

Yerdani Well

Yerecoin Wayside Rest Area

Yokinup Mia Mia Campground (Thomas River Uphill)

York RV Stop - Avon Park

Yoting School Site

Yourdamung Road Retreat - See website for details

Yule River

Yule River Bed

Yuna Townsite (Behind Memorial Hall)

Yunpu Camp Site


Zulu's Patch


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