Campgrounds in Northern Territory

Oakley Ranch

Unpaeyekhen Campground a.k.a. Spotted Tiger

Lagoon Homestead

Port Roper Bushcamp

Base of the Mountain

Rural Retreat, Residential

9th Gorge Canoe Camp

Chilling Out

Camel Toe Quarry

Dazzas Hideaway

Bimbimbi Wallaby

Little Kakadu

Roper Bar Campground

Bedrock Quarry

Kymbo Camp

Grader Turnaround

Camp Wallaby

Herbert Hideaway

Rein Que Pour Toi

Middle Camp & Stay Berry Springs


Berry Springs Park and Stay

Litchfield Bush Sites

Howard Springs Haven

Virginia Bush Nook

El Rancho Relaxo

Deckabout Dundee

Lake Bennett Camp Ground

Jerry's Windmill

Pitt 10

Wagait Beach Powered Site

Small Gravel Site

Parson Springs

Beachfront Beauty

Gravel Piy

Coffee Rocks Fishing Shack and Camping

Finke 2024 Deep Well Checkpoint

Humpty Doo Golf Club

Anniversary ridge Wilderness Park

Wearyan river Site B

3408 ~ Dundee Gate

Longitude 131

Bush Sunset Campground

Kumbidgee camp

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit Rest Area

Two Rivers Campground

Stock Yard Track

Cai Lagoon

Leichhardt Arena Farm Stay

Dick Creek

Hay River Roadside

Edith River Farm Stays & Camping

Burdens Creek Rural Retreat

Flat Gravelly Area

Kiana Rest Area

Renahans Bore

Jervois Station

Foelesche River

Serpentine Chalet Camp Spot

Redbank Gorge Campground (Ridgetop)

Little River Rest Area

Bullwaddy Rest Area

Brunette Downs

Towns River Campground

Butterfly Falls Campground

Hardies Lagoon

Limmen River Fishing Camp

Avon Downs Rest Area (police station)

Goanna Creek Rest Area

Florence Falls - Old 4WD Camp

Jarnem Campground

Kambolgie Campground

Goorrandalng Campground

Chambers Pillar

Surprise Creek Falls Campgrounds

Southern Lost City Campground

Cape Barrow

Top Of Cape Barrow

Saddle Creek Rest Area

Limmen Bight River Campground

Rainbow Valley Bush Campsite

Mardugal Two Campground

Charley Creek Rest Area

Banambarrnga (Rainbow Cliff) Campground DGP Req

Garanhan (Macassans Beach)

Manangaymi (Scout Camp)

Giddy River (Guwatjurumurru) Campsite 2

Boggy Hole

WWII Gorrie Airstrip

Redbank Waterhole Camping

Whistleduck Creek Campground

Reedy Waterhole

October Creek Rest Area

Birthday Waterhole Camp

Redbank Gorge Campground (Woodland)

Smith Point Camping Area (Garig Gunak Barlu NP)

Tower Rock

John Hayes Rockhole Campsite

N'Dhala Gorge Camping Area

Ruby Gap Nature Park Bush Camp

Old Police Station Waterhole Camp Ground

Wangi Falls Campground

Daliwuy Bay (Permit Required)

Darwin River Tavern

Big Horse Creek Campground

Robin Falls Campground

Gapuru (Memorial Park)

Point Howard Lookout

Gravel Pit & Lagoon (well off Hwy)

Sullivans Creek Campground

Lawrence Gorge Camping Area

Wathawuy (Latram River)

Jarrangbarnmi (Koolpin Gorge)

Jim Jim Billabong Open Dry Season Only

4 Mile Waterhole Camp, Kakadu NP

Merl Campground

Karnamarr (Jim Jim Falls)

Munbililla - Tomato Island Campground

Trephina Bluff Campground

Elsey Rest Area

Roper Valley East

Newcastle Waters Rest Area

Bullita Homestead Campground

Ginty's/Jump-up Rest Area

Walkabout Lodge & Campground

Calvert Rest Stop

Kangaroo Creek

Manangoora Station

Leader Creek Fishing Camp

(Temp Closed) Tjuwaliyn (Douglas) Hot Springs

Sandy Billabong (Djirrilba) Camp - 4WD Recommended

Diggers Rest

Blue Gravel Pit

Mount Price Rest Area

Palm Valley Campground

Camp 11

Henbury Meteorite Crater Conservation Park

Mathison Rest Area

Florence Falls- 2WD Camp

Djarradjin (Muirella Park)

Mardukal campground (one)

Vince Connolly Limestone Creek Rest Area

East Baines Rest Area

Adelaide River

Two Mile Hole Campsite

Dillbury's Free Camp

Hay River Track Campsite 1

Hay River Track Campsite 2

Hay River Track Campsite 3

Hay River Track Interdune Camp 4

Rosie Creek Camping Area (Lorella Springs)

Malabanjbanjdju Camp

Shady Camp

Seven Emu Station

Frew River

Buntine Rest Stop

Hemple Bay

Baringura (Little Bondi)

Umbrawarra Gorge

Yurrlmundji Campground

Pussycat Flats Racecourse Camp Ground

King West Rest Area

Gungurul Campground

Edith Falls (Leliyn) Camp Ground Nitmiluk NP


Depot Creek Campsite

Wearyan River

National Road Transport Campgrounds

Neil Hargrave Lookout

River Site Camp (Lorella Springs)

River Mouth Camp (Lorella Springs)

Nudie Hot Springs (Lorella Springs)

Marshall River Rest Area

Lamberts Centre

Top Humbert Yard Camping Area

Jalmurark Campground, Elsey NP

Couzens Lookout Campground

Bridge Creek Rest Area

Ryans Bend

Ormiston Gorge

Disused Radio Tower

Alligator Billabong

Finke River 2 Mile (4WD Bush Camping) - Entrance

Walker Creek (Walk-In Tent Sites)

Sweetwater Pools (walk-in)

Bucket Billabong

Running waters

Curtin Springs Wayside Inn & Campground

Harriet Creek Rest Area

Frewena Rest Area

41 Mile Bore Rest Area

Bonney Well RA

Taylor Creek Rest Area

McDouall Stuart Memorial

Connors Well Rest Area

Mount Polhill Rest Area

Owen Springs Turnoff Gravel Pit

Finke River Rest Area

Salt Creek Rest Area

Petermann Rest Stop (Curtin Springs East)

Kernot Range Rest Area

NT-SA Border Rest Area

Creek Crossing Track

Soudan Bore Rest Area

Old Wonarah

Wonarah Bore Rest Area

Radio Tower

Kings Creek Station

King River South Rest Area

Tobermorey Station

Barramundi Fishing Park

Sir Charles Todd Memorial Overland Telegraph Line

Prowse Gap Rest Area

Docker River Camping

Red Lily Billabong

Tropic of Capricorn Rest Area

Mount Nancar Wilderness Retreat

Ruby Gap Gorge - East MacDonnell Ranges

Stirling Mill WWII Rest Stop

Old Andado Homestead

Tjaynera Falls/Sandy Creek Campground

Ellery Creek Big Hole Campground

Arnhem Gravel Plains

North of Large Tower Phils Rest

Victoria River Ford, Dashwood Crossing

Wiligi Outstation

Mountain Creek Campground

Didi Baba Campground

5 Seeds Camp on Hugh River

Churchills Head

Old Gravel Pit & 4wd-Only-Hilltop

Bundey River Bush Camp

Mud Tank Zircon Field Fossicking Area

Red Rock Waterhole

Limestone Gorge


Alexander Forrest Rest Area

Hugh River

Brunette Creek Bridge

Batton Hill Camp

Walhollow Gravel Pit

WW2 Hospital Site

Elsey Gravel Pit

Radio Tower Billys Caves

Large Gravel Quarry - Level

Fergusson River Bush Camp

Gravel pit next to creek

Burdulba (Walk In Campground)

Gravel Pit

Old Gravel Pit

Wayne's Gravel Pit


Epenarra Station Store

Radio Tower Set Off Road - Small Track

Negri River

Last Free Camp Before WA Border (Chum Lee)

East Baines Camp Ground, Bullita Stock Route

Donkey Quarry

Fig Tree Yard - (Co-ordinates Verified)

Fish Hole Creek Campground

Paperbark Yard Camping Area

Barrow Creek WW2 Site

La Spa Camping (Lorella Springs)

Madigans Camp 16

Old Stuart Highway

Middle Beach

Waldak Irrmbal

Nanny's Retreat Campsite.

Gravel Pit Pull Over

Community Church Campground

Giyamungkurr (Black Jungle Springs)

Robbie Robbins Reserve

Rocky Hill

Bushfire Flat

Escarpment Lookout

Desert Oaks Rest Area

Warloch Rest Area with Dump Point

Birdum Gravel Patch

Arookara Range

Mount Doreen Ruins

Rest Area Wauchope

Hugh Gorge Bush Camp

South Of Boggy

Hema Maps Campsite Location (trees and shade)

Ruby Gap End 4WD Track

Warrego Gold Fossicking

Limestone Rise

Shady Camp Waterhole

Brunette Creek

Boot Tree Hill

Dholuwuy Recreation Area- Blue Mud Bay

Attack Creek Camping Area

Junction Waterhole

Large Quarry

Calvert River

Marlow Lagoon

Gravel Pit

Bush Camp

Honeymoon Gap

Flying Fox Creek

Old Roadworks Camp

Gravel Stop

Trephina Gorge - Panorama Campground

Wanuwuy (Cape Arnhem)

Abandoned Bore


Serpentine Chalet Dam (Larapinta Trail)

Bay On Side Of The Road

Opposite Tower Down Track

Akanta Bush Camping

Disused Gravel Pit & Old Road

Alan Kellet Rest Area

Drovers Rest

Little Roper Stock Camp

Excellent Gravel Pit Stop

Bobby's Billabong

Blatherskite Park Alice Springs Showground

Small Track On North Side

Gravel Pit

Four Birds & Blue Gums

Edith Rail Camp Ground

Shoot Thru Gravel Pit

Sam's Find - Also Maryville (Ruins)

Oolloo Crossing

Googlie Creek Holes

Emungalan Gravel Pit

Kapok Tree Gravel Pit

Madigan Line Camp 1a

Madigan Line Camp 6

Madigan Claypan

Old Gravel Pit

Desert Camp

Baines Gravel Pit

Lake Woods Conservation Covenant

Boundary Spring (track-end) (Lorella Springs)

Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary - Book ahead

Cascades (Lorella Springs)

Giddy River ( Guwatjurumurru) Campsite 1

Gravel Pit

Bees Creek Heights

Tomkinson Creek

Spring Creek Yard

Ooraminna Station Homestead

Ti Tree Campground

The Shackle

Colson Track

Colson Oil Well

Render 7/17

Biddlecombe Cascades (walk in only)

Crystal Falls (Walk in Only)

17 Miles Falls (walk in only)

Sandy Camp Pool (walk in only)

Million Stars

Dillbury's Free Camp

Lorrngorl Campground (Giwining / Flora River NP)

Old Gravel Pit

Illawarra Creek

Camp 5 Madigan Line

Bush camp East Of Madigan Camp 11

Hardwood Camp Site

Wathawuy (Goanna Lagoon)

Finke River 2 Mile (4WD Bush Camping) - N. Big Gum

Trephina Gorge - Gorge Campground

Smitt Rock (Walk-In) Permit required

Hugh River Camp. River Bed.

Sandy View Roadside Rest Area

Maguk Campground

Tarntipi Bush Camp.

Madigan Camp 9

Madigan camp 17

Stray creek

Serpentine Gorge Campsite - Walkers Only

Three Tree Hill Gravel Pit

Running Waters

Cobbs Camp

Pull Over Area

Pull Over Area

Madigan Line Camp After Camp 8

Top Boggy Hole

Madigan Camp 7 - see photo

Madigan Camp 8 - see photos

Madigan Camp 10 - see photo

Madigan Camp 11 - see photo

Madigan Camp 12 - see photo

Madigan Camp13 - see photo

Madigan Camp 14 - see photo

Correct Mark Of Madigan Line 15

Gateway Gap Gorge (Lorella Springs)

Dingo Creek Lagoon Campsite

Turkey Bush Camp Site

Old Gravel Pit

Wattle Flower Rest Area

Youngs Camp

Ruby Gap Upper Campground

Gravel Pit, Southern entry

Bundaful Camping

Flat areas on Barkly Stock Route

Roadworks crew camp site

Epenarra Station

Atitjere Rest Stop

Rosie's Rural Retreat - Phone ahead

Old Gravel Pit 2

6th Gorge Sandy Beach (permit at Nitmiluk Centre)

Channel Point Coastal Reserve

Boggy Hole - Quiet Camp With A View

Serenity Place, Humpty Doo - Booking Required

8th Gorge Walk-in Campsite

Manyimi Campground @ Gove Boat Club

Big Open Disused Pit

Jonas Beautiful Campsite

Jean & Johns Bynoe Stopover (Booking Required)

Mav & Indis Tyre Camp

Junction Reserve

Dave's Place - Berry Springs

Stuart's Well Free Area

Gillies River Camp (Lorella Springs)

Rose & Toms Campsite

Scones And More Flies

Robinson River West Bank Northern Side

Clearing Behind Cutting

Standley Chasm Campground

Morwell - Fink River

North Glove

Gravel Pit

Dirt Loop Camp (Unofficial)

Sloshy Springs (Lorella Springs)

Billy's Camp (Old Ruins) (Lorella Springs)

Yellow Spring (Lorella Springs)

Stock Camp Swimming Hole (Lorella Springs)

Pandanas Ridge Hot Springs (Lorella Springs)

Walkers Rock

Hay River Claypan

Marbro Overnight Stop

"Thisldoo" Large Overnight Parking Area

Gravel Pit

Bush Camp (unofficial)

Delightful Dingoes

Old Side Road

Howard Springs - Private Property

Green Acres

Bandicoot Manse, Howard Springs

Windmill - Paddy Melon Gravel Pit

Fishers Rest


Gravel pit

Ellery Creek At Boggy Hole Track

Malaplains Bush Retreat

Rum Jungle Ridge

Crystal Falls

Socs Retreat

Acacia Hills - book via YouCamp

Very Large Gravel Pit Off Road

Lorikeet Bush Camp

Hugh Gorge

Gravel Camp Area

Spinifex Ridge Farm Stay

Samson Creek Nature Park

Anna's Resevoir

Finke River

Wyella Gravel Pit

Muckaty Gravel Pit

Zebra Stone Litchfield


Gravel Pit

Tanami Pipeline

Creek Camp

Rest Stop

Camp 2

First/last gravel Pit

Sybel Springs Tableland Creek

Roadside Stop

Jasper gorge (Lupayi) Campground

Tumbling Waters Farm Stay

Blackmore Bush Retreat

Territory Rural Backyard

Poeppel Corner Campsite

Barkly Bush Camp

Dinner Table Rock.

Wunara Gravel Camp

Finke Camp 2021

Hokeys Camp

Yulara Overflow

Purple Mango Cafe, Brewery & Campground

Roadside Stop.

Gravel Pit

Andys Paradise

Beths Backyard

Somewhere Else Bush Camp

Gunn Point - North Beach Campsite

Acacia Bush Camp

Callie Hunt Campground (Lorella Springs)

Happy Farm - Bush Camp

Huge Gravel Pit

Newcastle Waters South

Budgies Camp

Herbert Homestead

Herbert Heights

Ava's Truck Parking Bay

Lucys Rest

Arltunga Bush Pub & Eco Retreat

Bamboo Retreat

Roadside Stop 60kms

Alburys Block

The Rapids (Over 30s - No Kids)

Old Highway

Stuart Park Rest House

Family Friendly Sites

Free Camp

Calvert river crossing East Area

Off Road Spots For Overnight

Bush Camp Area

CMCA RV Park Humpty Doo

Ernie The Everest Camp 3

Calvert River Crossing - West

Summer Camp

Central Valley Camp Site 1

Cato River Campground

Rest Stop

Giddy River (Guwatjurumurru) Campsite 3

Litchfield Outback Resort

Border Rest Area

Old Gravel Pit Camp

Lucky Lukes

Bogan Villa

Chris' Rest Area

Shadys Campsite

Endeavouring Sandover

CMCA RV Park Batchelor

Thistledoo Outback

Camp Bundaleer

Goodenia Road

Gravel Pit

Gorge View Bush Retreat

Woodlands Private Bush Camp

Old Watertank & Windmill

Creek Camp (Lorella Springs)

Paperbark Stay

Gravel Pit

Nina's Ark Wildlife Sanctuary-BOOKING REQUIRE

Tipperary Crossing

Territory Tuff

Acacia Hills Farm Stay

Cycad Garden

Malak Rest House

Alex Warne Stop

Oscar's Beach

Dundee Beach Bush Camp

Old Cattle Yards

Gumtree Circuit Campground

Port No 4

Solera Gravel Pit

Central Valley Campground 2

Stringybark Place

Gravel Pit

Barra on Bastin

Central Valley, Campground 3

Berry Springs Labush Estate

Secluded Gravel Pit

NT - Darwin Base Camp

Hannahs Gravel Pit

Flame Tree Camp Site

Phil's Beach

Pine Bend Camping/Greenbank Stn

Simpsons Favourite

Rosie Rock Pool (Lorella Springs)

Valley Of Ghosts Camping (Lorella Springs)

Ruby Gap Walls Campsite

Kakadu billabong safari Camp

Up High Camp

FUGU'S Dundee Downs

Bauer Gravel Pit

Campsite HughnKat

Jaggered Rock Hill

Near River Crossing

Good Dog Ranch

Black Forest

The Escarpment @ The Gorge ( Ereluk)

The Stables @ Karmya Farm


Wonga Creek

Devil's Marbles Reserve Ph: 1300 281 121

Geoffie's Camp

Mainoru Store

Gunn Point Beach North

Gunn Point - South Beach Access

Swag Inn

Strangy's Place

Hamilton Downs Youth Camp

Temasek Camp Ground

Nomad's Retreat

Bynoe Riverside Camping

Buffalo Hill Bush Camp

Jabaljarri Indigenous Art Gallery

Darwin River Fern Farm

Hemple Bey

Virginia Camp Spot

Tonys Rest

Coxy's Bush Camp

Yew Tree

Base Camp @ Dundee

Lemrac's Lodge

Shady Acres. NT

Six Pack Fishing Retreat NT

Roll Camp @$&6538!1


Tropical Shady Retreat

Buckingham Creek

Rocky Bottom Creek

Flat Rock Creek Rest Area

Roper Bar Crossing

Wilcumm Rest Area

Hungry Catapillar Ridge

Shady Riverside

Rustie Jam Ranch

Not A Free Camp

Litchfeid 123

Edith River


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