Campground in South Australia

'CHURCH STREET' Riverside Camp & Car

(CLOSED FOR SEASON) Mount Eba Station

(CLOSED WED NIGHTS) Wirra Campground - Booking Req

(CLOSED) Rocky River Campground

(CLOSED) Snake Lagoon Camp Site

(Toilets closed) Tractor Beach Campground

10km Peg

10km Peg - Beach View Sites

13k Peg

142 Peg Camp Site

157 Peg Rest Area

164k Peg Rest Area

205 Caltex Yunta Truck Stop

222km Peg Rest Stop

25 Peg Rest Area

28 Mile Crossing

3 O'Clock Creek Campground

38k Peg Camp Site

4 O'clock Camp

42 Mile Crossing Camp

52k Peg Camp Area

5Km Sth of Lochiel

81k Peg Rest Area

Abminga Creek

Abminga Siding Ruins

Acraman Campground

Acraman Creek Campground 1

Admella Reserve Carpenter Rocks 72hr SC

Adrienne and Mals Camp

Adventure Playground

Agnes Creek Rest Area

AJGS Dean Bore Creek

Alberrie Creek Bridge

Alford Recreation Park & Dump Point

Algebuckina Bridge

Algebuckina Waterhole, The Peake

Almerta Station

Alpana Station

Alpana Station Bills Paddock Camp Ground

American River Camping Ground

Andamooka RV Camp (APOMA)

Angorichina Station

Anita Bush Site

Anita's Claypan

Anne Beadell Group site - permit required

Antechamber Bay North Campground

Antechamber Bay South Campground

Appila Springs (Closed Nov-Apr)

Arckaringa Station


Ardrossan 48hr RV Friendly


Arkaroola Road North

Arno Bay Accommodation Park

Arno Bay Hotel

Aroona Campground

Arthurton Overnight Stay (near Hotel)

Axel Stenross Maritime Museum Self Contained Camp

B100 Clearing Camp

Baan Hill Picnic Area

Babbler - Gluepot Reserve

Baird Bay Camp Area: 50Km S of Streaky Bay

Balcoracana River

Balgowan Campground

Ballara Retreat

Balquhidder Campground (No Vehicle Access)

Barkers Knoll Coorong National Park

Barkers Rocks

Barmera Bruce Oval RV Park

Baroota Ruins Campground

Barrys Camp

Barrys Camp 2

Barrys Lake View Camp 2

Barrys Lake Views Camp

Bartagunyah Winery & Camping

Bascombe Well Homestead

Bayview Park - Must be Fully Self Contained

Beach Camp

Beach Camp

Beach Camp

Beach Camp Site

Beach Ledge Near Ocean

Beach Side Camp

Beachside Camping

Behind Sand Dunes

Bellbird - Gluepot Reserve

Bellum Hotel

Bellwether Winery (Glen Roy Shearing Shed)


Beltana Historic Town

Bendleby Ranges

Benson Park Farm Stay

Beresford Ruins

Big Aerial Mast

Big Bend

Big Bend Lookout

Big Lake 4 Bore

Big Moro Campground

Big Sand Dune Campground

Big Yangie Bay

Billy Lights Boat Ramp Campground

Bird Haven Retreat - Must call ahead to book

Birdie's Camp

Bitumen Gravel Pull Over

Bitumen Pull Over - Unofficial

Bitumen Site

Bitumen Stockpile Pull Over

Black Box Campground, Murray River NP

Black Cockatoo Bush Camp

Black Jacks Shelter - Walk-in only

Black Point

Black Springs Campground

Blood Creek

Blue Range Warren Gorge - See Photo Info Board

Blyth Sportsground

Bob's Kitchen - Permit required, protected area

Bocce Pitch

Bolto Reserve

Bon Bon Rest Area & Emergency Phone

Booborowie Recreation Ground

Bookaloo RA: 83Ks NW of Pt Augu

Booky Cliffs Campground

Booleroo Centre RV Park

Boothby Rocks

Bordertown Golf Club

Bordertown Recreation Lake

Borefield Track Gravel Pit

Bower Rec Ground Campsite

Bowhill RV Area

Bowhill Turnoff Rest Area

Bowman Park (SC RV AREA)

Box Creek bush camp

Box Flat Campground

Bra Tree Camp

Brachina East Campground

Breakaway Farmstay - Phone to Book 0428573651.

Bridge Ruins

Briggsy's Camp

Brimbago Rest Area

Broadview Homestead

Broughton Bay RV Park

Broughton River Site

Brown Bay Beach Carpark 24hr SC

Brown Beach Campground

Browns Beach

Bublacowie Military Museum

Bucks Camp

Bucks Camp Site 2

Bunda Cliffs Camp 1

Bunda Cliffs Camp 2

Bunda Cliffs Campground

Bundey Bore Station - Book Via Phone Numbers

Bunyip Park

Burners Beach

Burnsfield Rest Area

Burnt Log Siding

Burra Bon Accord Hotel

Burra Burra Showgrounds

Burra Creek Camping (Book via Phone Numbers)

Burra, 21 Peg RA, 20km SE of

Bush Camp

Bush Camp

Bush Camp

Bush Camp

Bush Camp (Private Property)

Bush Camping

Bush Campsite

Bush Campsites S of Eyre Hwy

Bush Haven Cottages - Booking Required

Bush Roadside Camp

Bute Council Camp Area

By The Beach Point Brown

By The Waterhole

Cable Bay Campground

Cadelga Ruins

Cadell Recreation Ground

Caernarvon Track Ranger & Camp

Calperum Station

Caltowie Hotel - see staff where to park overnight

Cambrian Campsite

Camp Behind Sand Dune

Camp North Side Of Dune

Camp Site & Emergency Phone

Camp Site / Old Blanchwater Station Ruins..

Camp Site Beside Poontana Creek

Camp Twenty Eleven

Campground 16

Campground Marree Hotel

Camping By Alax Bore

Campsite 15

Campsite 35

Campsite 36

Campsite before restricted area

Cape Banks Lighthouse

Cape Elizabeth

Cape Hardy Beach (Cowleys Beach)

Captain Kirk's 24hr Self Contained

Caralue Bluff

Carappee Hill Conservation Reserve

Carappee Huts

Carawa Rest Stop

Carcase Rock Campsite

Carinya Escapes

Caroona Ck. Conservation Park (Black Jack Shelter)

Carradoo Tanks Gravel Pit

Carriewerloo Random Tracks

Carrow Wells - Port Neill

Castle Landing

Casuarina Campground - Tents Only

Casuarina Forest

Catninga Hut - Booking Essential

Catninga Station Stay - Booking Essential

Causeway Campground

Cave (Sink Hole)

Ceduna Gravel Pit

Chalks Camp

Chambers Creek

Chambers Gorge

Champagne Corner

Charlie Nelsons Camp Site. (Dumped Tyres At Gate)

Charlies Bush Camp

Cheetima beach

Chillunie Campground

Chilpendunda Common

Chimney Hole

Chinaman Creek (Winninowie Conservation Park)

Chookarloo Camping Ground - Kuitpo Forest

Chowilla Biosphere Reserve - Border Cliffs

Chowilla Camp Site 24

Chowilla Campsite 20

Chowilla Game Reserve - Site 7

Chowilla Game Reserve Camp 14

Chowilla Game Reserve Camp 30

Chowilla Game Reserve Camp 8

Chowilla Game Reserve Site 31

Clare Valley Racecourse

Clarries Waterhole

Clayton Wetlands Campground

Clements Gap Old School 1892

Cleve Showgrounds

Cliff Camp

Cliff Top Camp Port Gibbon

Cliff Views 4wd Access

Cobbler Hill Campground

Cockatoo Lake

Cohen RA: 16k W of Penong

Cohens Old School Site

Collogans Campground, Murray River NP

Colona Rest Stop -Ambrosia

Colson Track

Colson Track Camp

Comet Well, Ngarkat Cons Park

Connies Hole

Coober Pedy Views - Outback Camping Experience

Coodlie Park - 20km S of Port Kenny

Cook Road Camp Site

Coomandook Rest Area

Coombra Site 1

Coomunga Winery

Coonalpyn Hotel

Coonatto Station

Coonawarra Nth Rest Area

Coongie Lakes Camp 5

Coongie Lake Camp 3

Coongie Lakes Camp 1

Coongie Lakes Camp 2

Coongie Lakes Camp 4

Coongie National Park Lakeside

Coongra Creek

Cooper Creek Camp

Cooper Creek Ferry

Coorabie Rest Area (Eastbound)

Coorabie Rest Area (Westbound)

Coorong Hotel Motel

Coorong Rest Area (No Trucks)

Cordillo Downs/Arrabury Road Junction

Cordola Camping

Corunna Wells

Coulta Memorial Park Rest Stop

Coward Springs Museum & Campground

Cowarie Station

Cowell RV Park

Cows Head Camp

Cox's Windmill Campground

Crabtree Farm

Cradock Hotel - With Patronage

Creek Side

Creek Side Camping

Creek Stop

Cromer Shed

Crown Land 28 Day Camp

Crystal Brook Jubilee Park

Culbarra North

Culburra Community RV Park

Curdimurka Railway siding

Curramulka RV Camp

Cutana Rest Area

D'Estrees Bay Campground - Tea Trees

Dalhousie Springs Camping Area (Book Ahead)

Daly Head

Danggali Conservation Park Campsite 1

Danggali Conservation Park Campsite 2

Danggali Conservation Park Campsite 3

Danggali Conservation Park Campsite 4

Danggali Conservation Park Campsite 5

Darke Peak Hotel Caravan Park

Darke's Memorial RA

Davenport Creek

Daz DH Camp

Desert Camp

Desert Camp Conservation Reserve

Devlins Pound Rest Area

Dingley Dell Campground

Doggers hut

Donington Beach Camp

Doughboy Reserve

Drummond 3

Dry Creek Campground - No Fires Anytime

Dry Stone Wall Rest Area

Duck Lagoon Camping

Duff Creek Bridge

Dulkaninna Station - Coolabah Campground

Duncan Park Farrel Flat Oval RA-Near Go-kart Shed

Dunes With A Cliff View

Dunn Well - Acraman Creek Conservation Park

Dutton East Rest Stop

Dylbags Retreat

Eagle Waterhole Campground (Hike in)

Eastside Shelter

Eba Railway Siding

Eden Valley Showground

Edeowie Campsite

Edge Of Salt Pan - Desert Parks Pass Required

Edgehill Farm Stays

Elliston Golf Club

Ellys Spot

Elsens Landing

Emu Bay Camp Site

Emu Ruins

Engine Point Campground

Eringa Waterhole & Ruins

Ernie The Everest Camp 2

Evanslea Dune

Evelyn Downs Rest Area

Eyre Hwy Rest Area Pull In Bay

Eyre Hwy Rest Area.

Eyre Hwy Site

Eyre's Waterhole - Cooyeanna

Farina Camping Grounds

Farm Beach Camping: 10Km NW of Wangary

Farrell Flat Hotel

Feebee Rose Rest Area

Fishermans Point Campground

Fishery Bay Campground

Fitzgerald Bay North

Fitzgerald Bay Trail

Flappy's Spot

Flat Rock Camp

Flat Spot Left Of Road

Flintstone Beach

Foul Bay

Foul Bay Boat Ramp

Frances Recreational Ground

Frank Potts Reserve

Free Camp

Free Camp Behind Ruins

Free Camp Parachilna Gorge

Free campground - side of road

Free Campspot

French Line Bush Camp

French Line Bush Camp 2

French Line Camp

Freycinet Bay Camp 1

Fromms Farm

Gawler Ranges NP

Geak Hill

Geltwood Beach Camp

Georgetown Memorial Park

Geranium Oval RV Camp

GG's Tour Group Campsite

Gidgee Grove

Gidgee Grove Little Lake

Gilgerabbie Hut

Gillys Overnighter

Girds & Davy Bight Cliff Camp

Gleesons Landing

Glenbarr Groups Only By Appt.

Glenburnie Rest Area

Glendambo Sth RA: 89Ks NW of Pimba

Go-Cart Track Shelter (Walk-in)

Godfreys Landing Campground

Goldsmith Beach

Googs Lake

Goyder Line Rest Area

Goyders Line Memorial RA

Graeme Claxton Reserve

Grandads Campground (Walk Or Mtb In Only)

Gravel Bay

Gravel Heap Pull Over

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit 2

Gravel Pit Good Overnighter.

Gravel Pit Kootaberra

Gravel Pit Pull Over

Gravel Pit pull over

Gravel Pit: 36Ks NW of Glendambo

Gravel Stockpile Next To Creek

Gravelled Area

Great Eudunda Free Camp Area

Greatviews at Port Lincoln - Booking Required

Greenock Centenary Park

Greenrise Lake - 48hr Self Contained.

Greenways Landing

Gregory Creek Campsite

Grids View

Grindells Hut, Gammon Ranges NP

Guacamole Camp (unofficial)

Gulf View Rest Stop

Gulnare Rest Area

Gulnare Sports Ground

Gum Trees Hamilton Creek

Gums Campground

Gym Beach

Hacks Lagoon Conservation Park

Hakea Camp:Hiker's access only

Half Way Rest Area East

Half Way Rest Area West

Hall Beach Free Camp

Hallett Recreation Ground

Halligan Bay - Kati Thanda Lake Eyre

Hamley Bridge Sports & Rec Grounds

Hancocks Lookout (May-September)

Hanson bay wildlife sanctuary Beach Campsite

Hanson Parking Area

Harry's Rockleigh Bush Camp - call ahead

Harveys Return Campsite

Haslam Rest Area

Haslam RV Camping Ground

Haythorpe Reserve

Headings (Murthos Forest Reserve) Landing

Heron's Bend Nature Reserve

Hesso Nth

Hesso RA: 53Ks NW of Pt Augusta

Hettner Landing

Heysen Trail Camp

High Way Lookout

Hill Top

Hill View Farm Stay - Self Sufficient

Hillocks Drive Campsite

Hiltaba Nature Reserve.

Hogwash Bend

Holder Bend Reserve

Holowiliena Station Guided Tours - see web

Honeymooners Lookout

Horrocks Lookout

Horrocks Pass Bush Camp

Horrocks Pass Parking Area: 7Ks W of Wilmingto

Horrocks Spot

Horse Rock

Horseshoe Top-End

Huge Gravel Pit: W of Western Edge Treeless

Humpalicious Camel Farm - Booking Required

Hutchison Memorial: 13Ks SE of Coober Pe

IGA Warta Community Campground

Ingomar North Rest Area

Ingomar Rest Area & Emergency Phone

Innamincka (Minkie Waterhole)

Innamincka Town Common

Innamincka Town Common, South end

Innaminka (Burke's Grave) Camp Area and monument

Innaminka (Cullyamurra Waterhole)

Innaminka (Policemans Waterhole Camp)

Innaminka (Queerbidie)

Innaminka (Ski Beach Camp)

Irish Well Hut - Nantawarrina IPA

Island Lagoon Lookout: 155kNof PA

Italowie Gap, Gammon Ranges NP

Ivy Tanks Motel Ruins

Jack's Secret Cliff Top Camp Ground

Jakebon Conceived Camp


Jimmys Well - Not Currently In Use


John Martin Caravan Repairs

John S Christian Reserve

John's Camp

Junction Hotel

Jury Road Orchard - Book via YouCamp

Just West of Yalata

K1 Line

K1 Line South Of Poeppels

Kadina Showgrounds

Kaiser Strip Site 14

Kangaroo Island Marron Bush Camp



Karoonda Free Camp

Karoonda Rest Area

Karoonda Wheat Shuffle Sculptures & 48hr RV St

Karte Conservation Park

Kartoo Campground Coorong NP Site 7

Kartoo Campground Site 6 Coorong Nat Park

Kartoo Road - Coorong NP : Campsites 1 - 7

Kartoo Road Campsites 1-2

Kathleen Creek, Oodnadata Track

Keith Showground

Kiana Park

Kidnippy Rest Stop

Kimba East RA 52km SW of Iron Knob

Kimba Recreation Reserve

King's site & campground, Cooper Creek

Kingoonya Donation Camp

Kingston SE Rest Area

Kingston SE RV Park

Knobbies Caravan & Camping Area (IronKnob)

Kokatha Off Road Camp

Kookaburra Creek Retreats

Koolamon Campground Flinders Ranges NP

Kooma View Farmhouse

Koonalda Homestead Nullarbor National Park

Koonalda Rd

Koongawa East RA: 44Ks W of Kimba

Koonibba Rest Area

Kotgee Campground (Canunda NP)

Kroehns Landing

Kromelite Road Rest Area

Kryss Camp

Kudriemitchie Campsite

Kulpara Plantation Parking Area

Kumbarie Waterhole

Lagoon Creek

Lake Bonney Barmera

Lake Cadibarrawirracanna

Lake Cooreeappa Roadside Stop

Lake Gairdner National Park

Lake Gilles Conservation Reserve

Lake Harry Ruins

Lake Hart Rest Area

Lake Indawarra Tintinara

Lake Leake - NO FIRES November Till April.

Lake Lochiel Rest Area

Lake Mary

Lake Newland Conservation Park

Lake Newland Conservation Park, Base Of Dunes

Lake Ross Rest Area

Lake Surprise Creek

Lakeside Camp

Lakeside Camp

Lakeside Camping Ground Purnong

Lambert's Little Paradise

Lameroo RV Friendly Destination - Self Contained

Large Campsite WAA line

Large Flat Plain Multi vehicle WAA Line

Large Parking Bay Near Robe

Laura Bay Conservation Park

Lawrie Park

Len Barker Reserve

Len Kroehn's Lookout

Lewry Campsite (French Line)

Light Hotel (RV friendly parking)

Lime's Camp

Lincoln/Eyre Hwy Junction RA - NO TRUCKS

Lindley Off The Road

Lipson Cove Campground

Lipson Rest Area

Little Bosa

Little Gums Campground

Little Lake Eyre South

Loading Ramp

Location Of Gate for Private Property Bush Camp

Loch Luna Estate - Booking required

Loch Luna Game Reserve - Sugarloaf Campground

Loch Luna Game Reserve Campsite 3

Loch Luna Game Reserve Campsite 6

Loch Luna Game Reserve- Kaiser Strip

Lochiel Memorial Hall Rest Area

Lock 4 - Site 1

Long Gully campground

Long Point Camping Area

Loop Road Caravan Sites

Loop Road Hooded Plover Campground

Loop Road Malleefowl Campground

Loop Road Sandpiper Campground

Louth Bay Camping: 27Ks SW of Tumby

Loveday 4x4 Adventure Park

Lowbank Campsite

Lower Light Hotel - Self Sufficient Only

Loxton Golf Club

Lucindale Country Club

Lucindale Four Mile Rest Area

Lucindale Showgrounds

Lucky Bay Camp Site

Luke, Niels And Emil's Camp

Lyndhurst Camp Spot

Lyrup Flats Site 13

Lyrup National Park Site 3

Maggea Oval

Magnificent 7 French Line Camp 3

Magnificent 7 French Line Camp Site 1

Mainwater Well

Maitland Showgrounds (SA)

Maitland Town Free Overnight Park

Maize Island Conservation Park

Maize Island Conservation Park River Bend

Mallala Camping Ground

Mallee Fowl Restaurant & Camp

Mallee Magic R & R

Mambray Creek RA (East&West)

Mambray Creek Rest Area Western Side

Manna Hill Hotel

Mannum Golf Club Play N Stay

Maralinga Village - Permit Required Access By Tour

Marble Range Community & Sports Centre (meals Avai

March Fly Hill (Seasonal)

Marcollat Overnight Stop

Mariana Creek

Mark Point Campground

Marne River south of Cambrai

Marryat Creek Rest Area

Martins Bend Reserve

Martins Well Rangeland Reserve

Maslin RA: 95Ks NW of Pt August

Matheson Bore RA 112Ks N of Coober Pedy

Mattera Campground

Max&pete Camp

McLaren Point

Melrose Showground & DP

Memorial Rest Area

Memory Cove


Merghiny Ex Gravel Pit

Mern Merna - Valley Campground

Mern Merna Station - Booking required

Merna Mora Station

Merty Merty

Mexican Hat Camping.

Middle Tanks Bush Camp (Camel Camp Tank)

Mikkira Station - permit required

Milich's Landing

Millicent North Rest Area

Millicent Showgrounds

Mills Steps Camp Area

Minbrie Gravel Pit

Minbrie Roadside Rest Stop

Mingary Siding

Minnipa Apex Park (Concrete Crappa)

Monalena Lagoon Rest Area

Montecollina Rest Stop (nee Bore)

Monteith Rest Area - 'NGARRINDJERI'

Monument Site

Moolooloo Station Farm Stay

Moonabie Hill Rest Area

Moonlight Bay

Moonta RV Overnight Stop

Moonta RV Overnight Stop Area

Moorook Game Reserve

Moorook Game Reserve Site 20

Moorook Recreation Area

Morgan Conservation Park

Morgan Conservation Park Camp

Morgan East RA 25Km E of Morgan

Morgan Murray Bend Camp

Morgan West Roadside Pullover

Morgan Westbound

Morgans Landing

Mosley Old School Campground

Mount Bryan Rest Area

Mount Hope Rest Area

Mount John Rest Area

Mount Mary Hotel Camp Area

Mount Monster Conservation Park

Mount Torrens Hotel - With Patronage

Mozzie Flat

Mt Brown Bush Camping

Mt Dare Hotel

Mt Dutton Bay Woolshed

Mt Finke

Mt Gambier Showgrounds

Mt Gason Creek

Mt Ive Station

Mt Little Station

Mt Monster Quarry Sites

Mt Remarkable National Park -see Mambray Creek

Mt Scott Conservation Park

Mulga Camp

Mulga Well Nth RA: 64Ks NW of Glendambo

Mulga Well RA: 28Ks NW of Glendambo

Muloorina Station Camp

Multi camp Site 4 vehicles WAA Line

Mundic Creek

Mundoo Island Station

Mundoora Museum Caravan & Camping Park

Mundulla Showgrounds

Mungerannie Hotel & Camp Area

Murninnie Beach

Murnpeowie Rest Area

Murphy's Haystacks

Murrawijinie Caves 2 & 3

Murray Bridge Showgrounds RV Site

Murray River Banks Opp Hart Lagoon

Murray River National Park - Lyrup Flat Site 9

Murray River National Park - Katarapko Site 18

Murray River National Park - Katarapko Site 19

Murray River National Park - Katarapko Site 21

Murray River National Park - Katarapko Site 27

Murray River National Park - Katarapko Site 28

Murray River National Park - Katarapko Site 30

Murray River National Park - Katarapko Site 30

Murray River National Park - Katarapko Site 31

Murray River National Park - Katarapko Site 32

Murray River National Park - Katarapko Site 32

Murray River National Park - Katarapko Site 37

Murray River National Park - Katarapko Site 38

Murray River National Park - Lock 4 Section

Murray River National Park - Lyrup Flat Site 6

Murray River National Park - Lyrup Flats Camp 6A

Murray River National Park - Lyrup Flats Camp 7

Murray River National Park - Lyrup Flats Site 10

Murray River National Park - Lyrup Flats Site 11

Murray River National Park - Lyrup Flats Site 14

Murray River National Park - Lyrup Flats Site 15

Murray River National Park - Lyrup Flats Site 16

Murray River National Park - Lyrup Flats Site 22

Murray River National Park - Lyrup Flats Site 25

Murray River National Park - Lyrup Flats Site 29

Murray River National Park - Lyrup Flats Site 8

Murray River National Park Katarapko Campsite 10

Murray River National Park Lyrup Flats Site 30

Murray River National Park, Lyrup Flat - Camp 20

Murray River National Park- Lyrup Flats Site 17

Murray River Natonal Park - Katarapko Site 36

Murray River NP - Katarapko Creek

Murray Town Campground

Nairne Rest Stop

Nalawort Campground

Nanks Camparea

Naracoorte Caves Campsite

Naracoorte Showgrounds

Narrung Ferry Camp Area

Native Well Creek Camp R M Williams Way

Near Head of Bight

Newikie Creek Camp

Next To Fruit Fly Inspection Building

Ngarkat Conservation Park Pertendi Hut

Nicholls Track Campground

Nilginee Rest Stop

Nilpie Nilpie Creek

Nine Planets Camp

No Through Road River

No Two Rocks Campground - Canunda NP

Nooltana Creek Rest Area

Nora Creina Roadstop

North Blinman Hotel

North of Cordillo Shearing Shed

North Tent Hill RA: 36Ks NW of PA

North Well Windmill

Nullarbor/Great Australian Bight.

Nundroo East Rest Stop

Nyroca Camp Ground

Ocean Beach Campground

Ocean View Lookout

Off Road (unofficial)

Off Road Clearing

Off Road Next To Dry Creek Bed

Off Road Parking

Off Road Track

Offgrid Camp

Oil Rig Square

Olarinna Creek

Olary Creek Rest Area

Olary Rest Area

Old Border Rd Unofficial Overnight

Old Eyre Highway Camp Spot

Old Highways Accommodation Site

Old Kolay Hut

Old Man Lake Campground

Old Peak Creek

Old Perlubie School Site: 13ks W of Wirrulla

Old Road Behind The Hill

Old Ruins

Old Shady Camp Site

Old Strzelecki Track

Old Timers Mine

Onions Spot

Oodla Wirra RA: 4ks SW of Oodla Wi

Oodnadatta Free Camp

Oodnadatta West Free Camp

Orroroo Rest Area

Overland Corner Hotel (Open Wed to Sun)

Overland Corner Rest Area

Overlooking Beach - Point Brown

Overnight Road Stop

Overnighter With A View


Owens Rest: 70Ks NW of Cadney Park

Oystercatcher Campground

Palmer Cricket Ground Camping

Palmer Tour No.1 French Line Campsite

Parachilna Gorge

Parachilna Gorge 1

Parachilna Gorge 2

Parachilna Gorge 3

Parachilna Gorge 4


Parawa CFS Hall

Parham Campground

Parilla Camp Site

Parking Bay

Parking Pull Over Behind Trees

Parndana Hotel Campground

Parnka Point (Avocet) Campground

Parnka Point (Pelican) Campground

Parraba Scrub

Paruna Comfort Stop

Peacefull Camp Behind Dune

Peachna Rest Area

Peake Rest Area

Peechara Hills

Pekina Creek

Pekina Hotel & Other Accom in Area

Penola CMCA RV Park

Penola Conservation Park

Perlubie Beach: 21Km N of Streaky Bay

Pete's 50th Birthday Party Camp

Peterborough Rd Rest Area

Peterborough RV Park

Petersburg Road Rest Stop

Pichi Richi

Pildappa Rock

Pine Creek

Pine Plantation

Pine Ridge

Pine Soak Hut - Ngarkat Conservation Park

Pines Camp

Pink Bunny Site

Pink Gum Campground

Pinnaroo Rest Area

Pinnaroo Self-contained RV Park - 96hrs

Pipeline Pull Over

Plaque Campground - Nantawarrina IPA

Plushs Bend

Poachers Rest Area

Point Bell 4WD Track To Beach

Point Bell Conservation Reserve

Point Brown Area

Point Brown Overview

Point Brown, Past blowholes

Point Douglas Shores

Point Drummond 4

Point Drummond 5

Point Drummond Camp 1

Point Drummond Camp 2

Point Gibbon Sand Dunes

Point Lindsay - Acraman Creek Conservation Park

Point Lowly Camping Area Site One

Point Lowly Camping Area Site Three

Point Lowly Camping Area Site Two

Point Sinclair Camp

Point Sturt Lookout

Pondalowie Bay Campground: 20 Km South West Of Mar

Ponderosa Campground

Poocher Swamp Reserve

Pooginook Conservation Park

Pool Campground - Point Sir Isaac

Pootnoura RA 77Ks NW of Coober Pedy

Port Arthur Rest Area

Port Augusta Sports Club Motorhome Park

Port Elliot Showgrounds. MUST BOOK ahead

Port Germein Sth Rest Area (Nukurna)

Port Gibbon Beach 2

Port Gibbon Beach Rd Camp

Port Gibbon Camp 3

Port Gibbon Campsite 4

Port Gibbon Road Camp Site

Port Gibbon RV Park

Port Julia Oval Reichenbach Memorial Park

Port Kenny Rest Area

Port Minlacowie

Port Neill RV Camping

Port Pirie 24hr Stop

Port Pirie Federal Hotel

Port Victoria Sports Oval

Port Wakefield North

Port Wakefield South Rest Area

Position 376 Lib Liba miles Murray River

Potross Landing

Pre Border Camp

Pretty Point Camp - Hiltaba.

Puntabie Rest Area : 48ks W of Wirrulla

Purni Bore

Purnong Landing

Purple Down

Quarry & flat open area

Question Mark Hill

Quick Over Night Stop

Quilters Ruins

R.M. Williams Way

RA - 40k E of Lock, 34k W of Cleve

Rabbit Island Soak

Railway Access Rd

Ramco Point Apex Park Picnic & Camping Area

Ranges View

Rapid Bay Campground

Red Banks Conservation Park

Red Cliff Beach - Tumby Bay

Red Cliff Church Of Christ Camp Site

Red Dirt Camp

Redbanks (part of Whalers Way)

Redhill Reserve

Reedy Creek Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area & Island Lagoon Viewpoint

Rest Area / Bush Camp 85 k Peg

Rest Area Large 155k Peg

Rest Area Moppa Road

Rest Area Sherlock

Rest Stop

Rest Stop; W of Nundroo

Richardsons Shack Site

Ricky Bates Reserve

Rig Road

Rilli Reserve

Rixys Rest

Road Side Camp Spot

Road Side Parking Bay

Roadside Camp

Roadside Camp

Roadside O/Nite

Roadside RA: 14k W of Penong

Roadside Rest Area

Roadside Rest Area

Roadside Rest Area

Roadside Rest Stop: 20km SW of Yunta

Roadside Stop Off The Road

Roadside Stop with bin

Roadside Stop, Strzelecki Track

Roast And Moths

Robertstown Oval

Robinson Park Motorhome Reserve

Robinsons Hill Walking Trail (No Vehicle Access)

Rocky Creek Hut: 1 Apr to 30 Nov

Rocky Flat Area

Rocky Paddock, Mt Crawford (open 1 April - 30 Nov)

RoGu Camp

Roonka Water Activity Centre

Roxby Downs Rest Area

Roxby Downs-Andamooka Road

Royal Exchange Hotel Burra - Self Contained

Rushys Balcony

Rustys Rest Spot

SA Border Unofficial Overnight

Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary - Book Ahead

Salt Lake Rest Area

Salt Lake View

Salties Stay

Sand Trap 4wd Only

Sandy Camp

Sandy Camp Under A Gum Tree

Sawmill Campground


Scott's Beach, Fowlers Bay Conservation Park

Scrubby Peak

Secluded Bush Camp

Secluded Camp 4km E of Venus Bay Turn Off

Second Creek Beach

Sedan Recreation Park

Sensation Beach Campsite

September Beach Campground

Serenity - Book via Hipcamp Australia

Serpentine Lakes

Shaelynns Rest

Sharons Camp

Shearers Quarters Campground

Shell Beach Campsite

Shelly Beach Lodge Campsite

Sheltered Pull Over

Sheoak Rest Area

Sheringa Beach

Sheringa Beach Campsite

Sheringa Beach North

Sheringa Central Camp

Sheringa Sth RA: 8Ks S of Sheringa

Shiloh Hills Park Accommodation

Shingle Bay

Shingle Beach

Shingles Beach Ridges - Moonlight Bay

Side Of Road

Side Of Road Option South Bound

Sieda (Unofficial stop)

Simpson Desert Conservation Reserve - WRB397

Simpson Desert Conservation Reserve - Rig Road

Sinclairs Landing (see comments re road in/out)

Site 31 Katarapko

Sittella - Gluepot Reserve

Skull Tanks Dunes

Skye's Rock Beach

Small Hills Near Angle Pole

Small Pines

Snowtown Caravan Park

Snowtown Nth RA: 3Ks N of Snowtown

South Lake

South lake hart

South Of Kiki SA

South Overland Bend

Southend Tourist Park Bush Camp

Southern Cordillo Downs

Southside Behind Road Base Dump

Spalding Cove Bush Camp

Speeds Point

Spot Beside Yanyarrie Creek

Spud's Roadhouse (172km N of Port Augusta)

SS Ellen Park

St Kilda Parking Area

Station Hand Overnight Camp

Stenhouse Bay Campground

Steve And Andes magnificent Camp

Stevie's Tour's Camp 1

Stevie's Tour's Camp 2.

Stock Pile Site: 74Ks NW of Glendambo

Stockwell Rest Area

Stockyard Plains

Stockyard Reserve

Stokes Bay Campground

Stony Rise

Stopping Bay

Streaky Bay RV Camping Site

Streaky Bay South RA

Stringybark Campground, Deep Creek

Struan Rest Area

Stuart Creek Stay

Sturt Bay



Surfleet Cove Campground

Sutherlands - Goyder's Line RA

Swincer Rocks

T.M. Price Rotary Park Must Be Self Sufficient

Tailem Bend East Rest Area

Tailem Bend Football Club Oval

Tallaringa Conservation Park - permit required

Tallaringa Well - permit required

Tamalam Campsite

Tantanoola - Self Contained ONLY

Tapanappa Campground

Tarcoonyinna Rest Area

Tarlee Oval - behind Institute

Tarpeena Recreation Park

Tarpeena Recreation Park - Donations Appreciated

Taylors Landing Campground

Tcharkuldu Rock

Tea Tree Crossing

Teamsters Campground

Ted Farkas Father Day Spot

Telowie Beach

Telstra Old Communication Tower

Tenbury Hunter Reserve

Terowie Railway Yard

Thaw 1 Quarry Pit

The Acreage

The Amphitheatre

The Bamboos

The Barn - overnight only with performances

The Commons Coober Pedy

The Dog Fence Road Rest Area

The Gap

The Granites Carpark Camp

The Gums Campground

The Knob Campsite

The Landing at Hay Valley Farm

The Leigh Creek Hotel (Copley Pub)

The Oval (unofficial)

The Strand on the Strzelecki

The Twins Rest Area

The Vineyard at Hay Valley Farm

The Wide Range Rest Area

Thick Trees Camp Spot

Thiele's Sandbar

Thornlea Rest Area

Threadgold's Crossing

Three Creeks Station

Three Mile Bend

Tiparra Rocks

Tippipila Creek Bush Camp

Toddy's Bush Camp

Toey's Point

Tolderol Conservation Park

Tolmer Rocks

Tooligie Rest Area,

Towitta Hall

Trezona Campground

Trig Campground, Deep Creek

Trubnie's Camp

Truro Hotel

Truro Rest Area

Tumby Bay Self-Contained RV Park

Ulbana Weir Campground

Unofficial Camping along beautiful Creek Line

Upalinna Station

Vivonne Bay Campground

Vokes Hill Corner

WAA Bush Camp 166

WAA Large flat camp ground 5-10 vehicles

Waa Line Camp

Waganny Campground-Gawler Ranges NP

Wahgunya Conservation Park

Waitpinga - Newland Head Conservation Park

Wakelin Park Rest Area

Walker Flat (Swamp Hen Reserve)

Walkers Crossing Track Camp 1

Walkers Rocks Campground

Wallaroo Overnight Rest Area

Waltumba Camping Area

Wangary RA: 59Ks S of Mt Hope

Warbla Cave

Warooka Camping Grounds

Warraweena Conservation Park

Warren Gorge RV and Campground

Warriner Creek Ghan Rail Bridge Camp

Warrow Nth RA: 18Km S of Mt Hope

Warwirra Creek


Watervale Sheltered Road Side

Watraba Parking Area, 25k E of Penong

Wattle Point

Waukaringa Gold Mine Ruins

Wauraltee Beach

Weeroona Bay Football Club (SC M/Homes-Vans only)

Weetootla Gorge Camp site

West Bay Campsite

Western Flat Sports Oval

Western River Cove Campground

Whaler's Way BBQ Area

Whalers Way (Private Land)

Wharminda Soaks Picnic Area

Wheaton Beach Campsite

Whistle Bird Camp

White Cliffs Reserve

White Well Corner

Whitewell Tank RA 'Head of Bight'

Wildongoleechie Hotel - Wild Dog

Wildwood Park Sanctuary Animal Rescue & Rehab (SC)

Willalooka Rest Area (Opp Hotel)

Willalooka Tavern (Patrons Only Camping)

William Creek Hotel Camping Ground

Willow Springs Homestead & Bush Campground

Willow Waters - Flinders Bush Retreats

Wills Beach Shack

Winnininnie RA: 36ks SW of Manna Hill

Winny Wombat Overnight Stop

Wintinna Rest Area

Wirrabara Hotel

Wirrabara Forest Reserve Ipinitchie Campground

Wirrabara Roadside Stopover

Wisemans Shack

Wittelbee Conservation Park

Wittelbee Conservation Park (Point)

Wittlebee Conservation Park

Wolseley Community Club Camp Ground

Wolseley Hotel

Wongulla Camp Ground

Woodcutters Beach Campground

Woodcutters Beach Campgrounds 2 and 3

Woodlands Rest Area

Woody Woodpecker Woody Hideout

Woolshed Caves Campground

Worlds End Reserve At Burra Gorge

Wreck Crossing

Wreckers Beach Campsite

Wrighty's Bayview

Wudinna East RA: 7Ks W of Kyancutta

Wudinna Showgrounds - Self Registration

Wudinna Wattle Grove Rock Self Registration


Wynbring rock

Yackamoorundie Park

Yalata East Rest Stop

Yalata Rest Stop

Yalata West Rest Area

Yallunda Flat Showground

Yamba Overnight Stop

Yandinga Camp - Gawler Ranges NP

Yangie Bay Campground - Coffin Bay NP

Yantanabie South RA: 25Ks NW of Poochera

Yanyanna Hut Hikers Camp

Yarcowie Railway Track

Yeldulknie Weir Campsite

Yerelina Creek (Unofficial)

Yerila CK Mt Hopeless Road

YHA Camp Ground

Yongala Recreational Park

Youngoona Campsite Flinders Rangers NP

Youngs Creek

Yumburra Park

Yunta Centenary Park (Opp Pub)

Yunta River

Zac's Car Crash


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