Day Use Area in Western Australia

14 Mile Creek

150 year Anniversary park

17 Mile

1st West Beach lookout & Beach Access

2 Miles Beach

23km North Of Nullagine

4 Mile Creek Picnic Area & Boat Ramp


4WD Murray River Fireline

4wd Spot

6 Mile Creek - Day Use Area

6km North Williams

Abbey Boat Ramp

Above The Brewery

Acacia Park

Acacia Picnic Area

Adachi Park

Adcock Gorge Day Use Area

Adventure Playground

Adventure Playground

Adventure Playground and Foreshore Area

Adventureland Park

Aircraft Public Viewing Area and Picnic Facility

Ajana Roadside Stop

Albany Highway Pullout

Aldred Road

Aldred Road

Alex's Breton Bay Rest Square

Alexandra Bridge Day Use Picnic Area

Alinta Windfarm

Allen Park and Playground

Ambania Roadside Parking Bay

Amity Quays Rest Area RV Parking

Anchor Point

Aniversary Park Oval And Cricket Pitch

ANZAC Peace Park

AP Hinds Reserve

Apex Boat Ramp

Apex Creek Rest

Apex Lookout DAY USE AREA

Apex Park

Apex Park and Machinery Museum

Apex Park Day Rest Stop

Apex Park Rest Area

Applecross Jetty

Area Above Little Bay

Arrino Siding

Arrowsmith Rest Area

Arrowsmith Rest Area

Arthur Head,Lighthouse

Arthur River Rest Area

Ashburton Day Only

Ashburton River Rest Area

Attadale Reserve

Augusta Boat Harbour

Austin Historic Townsite & nearby Cemetery

Australind Bypass Rest Area

Australind Foreshore Park

Australind Playground and Boat Ramp

Avalon Beach (WA)

Avalon Foreshore Reserve

Aveley Central Park

Avon Town Park

Awesome Playground & Swimming beach

Back Beach

Back Beach 4WD

Back Beach Car Park with beach access

Badgingarra Rest Area

Badjirrajirra Walk & Carpark, Cape Range Natio

Baldivis Nature Park

Balla Balla

Balla Balla Pool - NO OVERNIGHT

Balla Balla Ramp

Ballidu Walking Trail Rest Area

Balmoral Picnic Site

Balyarra Picnic Park

Bandy Creek Beach (DAY USE AREA)

Bannister Rest Area

Bardon Park

Barker Pool

Barn Hill Beach

Barrabup Pool

Barrens Beach

Barrett St Weir

Bath Beach

Bathers Beach

Baxter Park BBQ And Playground

Baynton Park / Oval

Bayswater Boat Ramp

Bbq - Tables - Shade - Green Area

BBQ, Picnic, Playground and Toilets

BBQ, Shower And Toilets

BBQ, Tables, Splash Pad, And Beach - NO OVERNIGHT

Bea Bea Hill

Bea Bea Middle Creek Rest Stop


Beach - Bauden Access

Beach Access

Beach Access

Beach Access (6.5 Mile?)

Beach Access - NO OVERNIGHT

Beach access for 4x4

Beach at Kurrajong Camp

Beach Caves & Rock Pool

Beach Day Use and Turtles

Beach Minilya-Exmouth

Beach Near Pago

Beach off Minninup Road

Beach Parking

Beach Side Toilets And Showers

Beach Toilet, Shower and Drinking Water Tap

Beach, Car Park & Boat Ramp

Beach, Rock Pools - 4WD - No Overnight

Beach, Toilet And Outdoor Shower Block

Beach, toilet and shower (with door)

Beachfront Location

Beacon Information Board & Parking Bay

Beagleys Breakaway

Beans Heights

Beaton's Pool

Beautiful Bay

Beautiful Beach $20 pp Entrance Day Use

Beecroft Park

Beeliar Regional Reserve - Day Use Area

Behind The Dunes - Large Open Flat Area, hard base

Bell Creek Swim Hole NO Camping

Bell Rapids Picnic Area

Bennett Springs Reserve

Bernard Park Day Use Area Only

Bernley Spot

Berridge Park & RV Parking.

Better Spot @ Devlin Pool

Beverley Playground and Skate Park

Beverley Rest Area

Beverley Road Rest Stop

BHP Park

Bibbulmun Track Northern Terminus

Bibbulmun Walking Track Torbay Camp

Bibra Lake

Big Brook Dam

Big Lagoon Picnic Area

Big Swamp Parkland

Big Things - The Big Numbat - Williams Lions Park

Billabong, Dead Horse Springs

Billy Goat Bay

Billy Goat Bay

Billyacatting Hill Nature Reserve

Bindoola Falls

Bindoon Hill (Freestone Memorial) Parking Bay

Bindoon Spring Road Old Gravel Pit

Binningup Beach

Binnu Memorial Rest Area Flush Toilets

Birthday Beach

Bitumen Pull Over

Bitumen Pull Over (NO OVERNIGHT)

Bitumen Rest Area

Bitumen Site

Black Diamond Lake

Black Rock Falls - NO CAMPING

Black Swan Point - Kitesurfing Spot

Blackbutt Day Use Area

Blackwood River National Park

Blackwood Riverside Boat Ramp Day Use Only

Blackwood Rover Park

Blakes Bay

Bloodwood Creek

Bloodwoods Carpark

Blossoms Beach

Blue Bay Beach

Blue Haven

Blue Metal Area

Blue Metal Site

Bluebush waterhole

Bluff Knoll Day Use Area

Bluff Knoll Picnic Area

BMX and Bike Tracks Shepherds Bush Reserve

Boab Creek/quarry. No Camping

Boab Tree Rest Area

Boat Harbour Beach Access

Boat Harbour East

Boat Harbour Lagoon - DRY SEASON ONLY

Boat Harbour Reserve Rest Stop

Boat Ramp & Picnic Area

Boat ramp Carpark

Boat Ramp Day Use Area Only

Boat Ramp Parking - Day Use Area

Boat ramp Playground

Bobs Crossing

Bodallin Parking

Boddington Adventure & Skate Park

Boddington Foreshore Picnic Area

Bones Beach

Bonniefield Brand Highway Rest Stop

Boodalin Soak (Day Use Area)

Booka Beach

Boomerang (Dingo) Park

Boongarup Pool Picnic Area

Boorabbin Parking Bay

Booragoon Lake Reserve

Booyeembara Park

Boranup Beach Day Use Area

Borden Federation Travellers Park

Borden Rest Area (No Overnight)

Botanic Gardens And Womens Memorial Ornamental Lake

Botanic Gardens Kings Park

Bottle Bay Day Use Area

Bowelling Station

Bowls Club Playground

Boxwood Hill Rest Stop

Boyagin Rock Picnic Spot

Boyanup Preston River Ramble Park

Boyup Brook Lions And Tourist Park

Braithwaite Park Nature Playground

Bream Beach Fishing Trail (see photos)

Bremer Bay day use only

Brenton Bay Rest Area Southbound

Breton Bay Rest Area Northbound

Brett's Lagoon

Bridgetown Jarrah Park

Brigatti Gardens

Brighton Beach - wifi an the wild fig restaurant

Britannia Road Reserve

Brockman Park

Brockman River Day Area

Brockman Sawpits

Broke Inlet Rd - Bibbulmun Track Crossing

Brookton Hwy Rest Area ( No Overnight)

Brookton Memorial Park

Brookton Picnic Area And Toilets

Broomehill Railway Rest Stop

Broz Park

Bruce Rock Nature Reserve

Bruce Rock Outdoor Swimming Pool

Bruce Rock Road Parking Bay

Brunswick Rest Area

Buffalo Beach


Bull Creek Centennial Park

Bullara Mangroves

Bullsbrook Pickett Park

Bullsbrook Rest Area - NO OVERNIGHT

Bunbury Accessible Playground

Bunbury Caravan/RV Parking Area

Bundegi Beach & The Beach Shack

Bundegi Beach Boat Launching Facility

Bungulla Nature Reserve

Bunker Bay

Bunkers Beach

Burley Park Bushland

Burns Beach (NO OVERNIGHT)

Burswood Park

Bushland Off Road

Bussell Highway

Busselton Beach

Busselton Beach Carpark

Busselton Skate Park

By The Blackwood Day Use Area

C Y O'Connor Reserve and Robbs Jetty

C Y Oconnor Beach

C Y OConnor Beach Day Use Area

Cable Beach

Cable Beach - Coconut Wells

Cable Beach - North of 'The Rocks'

Cadjeput waterhole

Calico Spring Rest Stop

Calingiri Day Use Rest Stop

Camp Site On The Springs Ave

Canal Rocks

Canna Rest Area

Canning Dam Picnic Area

Canning River Regional Park

Canoe Launch Facility

Cape Arid Beach

Cape Burney Beach Area

Cape Burney Lake Area

Cape Le Grand

Cape Peron (Point Peron)

Cape Peron - NP Fees Apply

Capricorn Rest Area

Car Park + Boat Ramp

Car Stop

Caravan Parking

Caravan Parking and Playground

Caravan Turnaround/Rest Area

Caravan/Mororhome Parking

Carberdine Pool

Carine Regional Open Space (and Girl Guide Hall)

Carine Skate Park & Open Space

Carnarvon Rest Stop

Carnarvon Rotary Park


Carpark & Picnic Area, Cape Range National Park

Carrarawidgie Flora & Fauna Reserve

Cascades (upper pool)

Castle Rock

Castle Rock Granite Sky Walk Day Use Area

Castletown Quays Old Jetty Ruins

Cataby Roadhouse

Catalonia Park

Cathedral Rock

Cattle Well - be aware soft sand in

Cattrall Park

Cave Point

Cawrie Beach

Celebrity Tree Park and Boat Ramp

Cemetery Beach Community Park

Cemetery Beach Lookout And Picnic Area

Centenary Park

Centenary Park and Public Toilets

Centenary Park Moora

Centennial Pioneer Park

Centennial Stadium

Central Park & Water Play

Chaffcutters Spring

Champion Lakes Day Use Area

Channels Picnic Area On Scenic Drive

Chapmans Point

Charles Veryard Reserve

Charnwood Reserve and Skatepark

Chester Pass Rest Area

Chevron Parkland (Kids Park)

Cheyne Beach

Cheyne Point

Cheynes Roadside Parking Bay

Chidley Reserve

Children's Playground and Basketball Court

Childrens Playground and Picnic Area

Childrens Water Playground

Chile Creek

Chilli Creek Beach Access

Chinamans Pool

Chindilup Pool

Chinyin Island - Gravel Beach - Boat Access

Chirelillup NR Rest Area

Christmas Tree Well

Chuditch Day Use Area

Churchill Park

Churchman Brook Dam

Circular Pool (Walpole-Nornalup National Park)

Clackline Day Use Rest Area

Clackline Lions Park

Clackline Reserve

Clarences Lagoon - STRICTLY DAY USE AREA

Clarko Reserve

Clarkson Reserve Day Use Park

Cleaverville Beach Day Use Area

Cleaverville Boat Ramp

Cliff Lookout

Cliff Park Memorial Garden BBQ and Playground

Close to Kalbarri NP

Clune Park

Coalfields Roadside Stop

Coalmine Beach Day Use Area (Walpole-Nornalup Nati

Cockatoo Tank

Cockleshell Gully Picnic Area

Coconuts Well Creek


Collie River - Day Use Area

Collie River Picnic Area

Collie Riverside Day Use Area

Commemorative Park

Connollys Flat

Conspicuous Cliff

Constellation Park playground

Contine Picnic Site

Convict Creek

Coogee Beach and Free Showers

Coogee Beach Park

Coolgardie Memorial Gardens

Coomallo Reserve Rest Area

Coondle West Road Flora Reserve Car Park

Coorinjinna Pool - DAY USE ONLY AREA

Coorow Farm With Wildflowers

Coral Bay Beach (bills Bay)

Coral Bay Beach Park

Coral Bay Car Park

Coral Bay Pull Over

Coronation Park

Coronation Park

Corrigin Adventure Playground

Corrigin Rotary Tourist Park


Cosy Corner West

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Civic Centre

County Peak Scenic Drive

Courin Hill Climb

Cove next to Red Bluff Beach

Cowalla Bridge Gravel Pit - NO FIRES

Cowaramup Skate Park & Playground

Cowrie Creek

Crampton Road Rest Stop

Cranbrook Albany Highway Rest Stop

Creek Camp

Creek Stop

Crocodile hole

Crooked Brook Forest

Crooked Carrot Playground, Machinery & Cafe

Crossing Pool

Cuballing Youth And Community Park

Curtin University Boat Club

Curtis Bay Beach Cove

Cygnet Park

D'Entrecasteaux Lookout

Dales Day Use Area

Dalmanyi (Bell Gorge) Carpark

Dalwallinu Parking Bay

Dalwallinu Town Park

Dalyellup Rotary Park

Dalyellup SLSC (Off Lead Dog Beach)

Dampier Creek

Dampier Foreshore & Lookout

Dampier Lions Park

Dangin Day Rest Area

Dangin Mears Road Intersection Rest Area

Danny Devoe More Free Bbq

Darkan Rest Area - Shower (Warm)

Darkan Skate Park and Playground

Darkin Pull Over

Darngku (Geikie) Heritage Cruises

Darradup Roadside Rest Area

Dawesville Foreshore Reserve Boatramp

Dawn Creek


Day At The Beach

Day Spot

Day Use & Lipfert Island View

Day Use Area

Day Use Area

Day Use Beach - Turtle Beach

Day Use Caravan Parking

Day Use Only Picnic Spot

Day Use Parking

Day Use Parking

Day Use Parking Bay

Day Use Parking Bay

Day Use Parking Place

Day Use Picnic Area

Day Use Pull Over

Day use pull over

Day Use Pull Over and Information Spot

Day Use Pullover Asher Road

Day Use Rest Area

Day Use Rest Area

Day Use Rest Area

Day Use Rest Area

Day Use Rest Area Gravel Pit At Rear

Day Use Rest Area Menzies (Large, Graded)

Day Use Rest Or Picnic Area

Day Visitor Parking 80 Mile Beach

Dead Dog Beach

Deep Reach - Fortescue River

Demco Beach (South Town Beach)

Denham Day Use Area

Denham Shoreline - Playground & Public Toilets

Denmark West Rest Stop

Depot Hill Walk & Parking

Derby Wharf

Derna Parade Park

Dimond Gorge

Diprose Park


Dog Beach

Dog Beach (Right of Stairs)

Dog Beach Naval Base

Dog Beach Next To Town Beach

Dog Chain Creek

Dog Exercise Area - see photo for map

Dogchain Parking Bay

Dolerite Gorge (aka Matthew Gorge)

Dolphin Bay

Dolphin Car Park

Dongara East Rest Area

Donnelly Boat Landing

Donnybrook Apex Park

Donnybrook Apple Fun Park

Doon Doon Look Out

Doug Morphett Memorial Park

Dowerin Day Use Area

Drakesbrook Centenial Park

Drive-On Beach 4WD

Drovers Rest Picnic Area

Drummond Cove, access from SOUTH as road closures

Dry Grass Rest Area

Dry River Crossing Waypoint

Dudinin Memorial Grove

Duidgee Park

Duke of New Orleans Beach

Dumbarton Reserve

Dumbleyung Community Garden

Dunes Surf Beach

Dunn Rocks Beach Camp

Dunsborough Boat Ramp

Dunsborough Centenial Park

Dunsborough MTB Park

Durokoppin Nature Reserve

Dusty Pool Day Use Area

Dwaarlindjirraap Day Use Area

Eagle Bay

East Augusta Boat Ramp

East Lake

East Mileys Beach

East Mount Barren Carpark And Walk

East-Bound Rest Area

Echidna Carpark Area

Eddie Woods Memorial Park

Eden Beach Foreshore Park & Playground

Edgar Griffiths Dog Exercise Park

Edgina River

Edward Millen Reserve & Playground

Edwards Dog Off Leash Park

Elephant Rocks (William Bay National Park)

Eleven Mile Beach

Elleker Public Toilets

Ellis Brook Valley Reserve

Emerald Park

Emergency Phone

Emu Beach Day Use Area

Emu Point

End of Blackwood Rd

Eneabba Rest Area And Kid's Playground (new)

Entrance Point

Esperance Esplanade

Esperance Miniature Railway

Esperance War Memorial Day Use Area

Estuary Road

Ettamogah Pub - Cunderdin

Eucla Pass Stopping Area

Eyre Highway Rest Area

Eyre Park

Fairy Glen

Falcon Bay Reserve

Falcon Reserve - Dog Park

Farm Eqipment Display In Park

Farmhouse Park Day Use Area

Federation Park

Federation Park And Sports Ovals

Federation Park Picnic Spot


Fennel Creasant Playground

Fernhook Falls & Rowell's Pool

Fettlers Park

Fig Tree Creek Rest Area

Finucane Island Boat Ramp

Firewood Creek Fishing Spot

Fish Creek

Fish Hook Bay

Fish Market Reserve

Fisheries Beach

Fisheries Road Parking Bay

Fisherman's Hollow

Fishery Beach Marina


Fishing Boat Harbour & Kailis Fish Market

Fishing Spot

Fishing Spot

Fishing Spot

Fishing Spot

Fishing Spot

Fishing Spot - DAY USE ONLY

Fishing Spot 4wd Only

Fishing spot on Keith Williams Rd - NO OVERNIGHT

Fitzroy Crossing Recreation Centre

Five Mile Fishing

Five Mile Pool Day Use

Flat and Hard Day Use Area

Flat Parking

Flat Rocks Beach

Flat Spot Next To The Sand Dunes

Fleming Reserve with Skate/BMX Park, Outdoor Gym

Floreat Beach

Florida Beach & Reserve Balladonia Parade Acce

Flying Bird Sportsground

Flying Fox Lookout

Foot Print Lake

Foreshore Park

Foreshore Reserve Bunbury

Forest Green Reserve

Forrest Beach (Strictly Day Use Area)

Forsyths Mill Picnic Area - NO OVERNIGHT

Fortescue Falls Carpark

Fortescue River Rest Area


Four Aces

Four Mile Beach Day Use Area

Fourth Beach

Foxes Lair Nature Park - Marri Picnic Area

FR Berry Reserve and Waterfalls

Fran Cross Park & Public Toilet

Frangipani Park

Franks Beach

Fraser Park

Fred Jacoby Park

Free Barbeque

Free Quarry Camp Site Entrance

Frenchman Bay Beach

Fresh Water Pool

Fresh Water Tap & BBQ Near Boat Ramp

Frog Hole (restricted access)

G&WDT Site 5 Shire Boundary

Gairdner Gravel Pit

Gairdner Parking Area

Gairdner Pull Over

Galvans Gorge

Gannet Rocks

Gantheaume Point

Garden Lake day use area

Garden Pool

Garden Reserve (Behind IGA)

Gardner Lookout

Gardner River Pumphouse Area

Garvey Park

Gascoyne Bridge Rest Area

Gascoyne River

Gazebo Rest Area

Geerening Rock

Geikie Gorge Entrance

Geoff Trott Memorial Park

Geographe Picnic Area

Geordie Bay

Geraldton Beach

Gibb River Day Area (East Side Of River)

Gibb River Day Area (West Side Of River)

Gibb River Rest (Unofficial)

Giblet (Karri Forest Trail)

Giles Park

Gillimanning Pioneer Memorial

Gingin Rd, Lancelin Day Spot

Giralia Bay Rest Area West

Glen Eagle

Glen Mervyn Dam Day Area

Glen Mervyn Dam East DAY USE AREA

Glendinning Park

Gleneagle 24h Rest Area

Glenoran Pool

Gnarabup Beach

Gnaraloo Bay and Surf Break

Gnarojin Park

Gnoocardup Beach

Gnowangerup Playground

Gnowangerup Sporting Complex

Goat Island, Murchison River

Gold Prospecting Kalgoorlie

Golden Bay Park and Beach Access

Golden Valley Tree Park

Goldfields Hwy Roadside Rest Stop

Goodchild Park

Goode Beach

Goodlands Nature Reserve

Goodlands Road Rest Area

Goolinee (Cattle Pool)

Goomalling Long Vehicle Parking

Gordon Peters Park

Gordon River

Gorges Gorge

Gourdon Bay - Pass Required

Governor Road Reserve

Gracetown Beach

Gracetown Carpark & Huzza's Beach Surf Sp

Gracetown Dog Beach Entrance

Grandis Park


Grannies Beach

Granny's Pool

Grant Street Beach (staircase access)

Granville Park Gingin Brook

Grassy Spot

Gravel Area Wells Glover Road

Gravel bay Westbound

Gravel Parking Bay

Gravel Parking Bay

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit - Blue Metal

Gravel Pit (Parking)

Gravel Pit Area

Gravel Pit Parking Area KW Road

Gravel Pit Pull Over

Gravel Pit Pull Over

Gravel Pit Pull Over

Gravel Pit Short Break Spot (outside reserve)

Gravel Pull Through

Gravel Pullovers not designated

Gravel Turn-around Pulloff

Great Northern Highway Parking Area

Great Northern Highway Rest Area

Great Northern Highway Roadside Stop

Green Head Dynamite Bay

Green Head Skate Park

Green Tanks

Greenhills Road South Bush Reserve

Greens Pool (William Bay National Park)

Greenslopes Dog Park

Greenwood Coast Road Day Use

Grenville Reserve

Grevillea Mycumbene

Grey Lookout Parking Bay West Side

Grey Park Bushland Garden York

Grindleford Parc

Guilderton Day Spot - Bream Dream Fishing

Guilderton Fishing Spot and Lookout

Gull Rock Beach

Gull Rock Beach

Gumtree Bay

Hall Park

Halls Head Parade

Hamelin Bay Beach

Hamelin Bay Boat Ramp And Lookout

Hamersley Gorge access road

Hammond Park

Hampton Gardens

Hampton Oval

Hangover Bay

Hann River crossing

Harding Dam

Hardinge Park

Harmony Fields Reserve Day Use Area

Harris River Picnic Area

Harry Steinhauser Reserve


Harvey Dam Picnic Area

Harvey Rest Area

Hay River 10km East Of Denmark - NO OVERNIGHT

Hearsons Cove

Hearsons Cove Day Area

Heartlea Rd Rest Stop

Heathcote Reserve

Heirisson Island Carpark & Day Use Area

Hellfire Bay

Helms Arboretum Picnic Area - STRICTLY DAY USE

Henderson Park

Henrietta Rocks Day Use Area

Henry Sutton Grove

Henry's Breton Bay Beachside Secret Fishing spot

Henry's Devlins Pool Fishing Spot

Henrys Rest At Takalarup

Herald Heights - Look Out

Herbert Mt

Herdsman Lake - Maurice Hamer Park

Herdsman Lake Reserve

Heritage Park

Heritage Trail Site No. 9

Heron Lake

Hidden Beach with Snorkeling

Highway Park Area - NO OVERNIGHT

Hill in the dunes

Hill River Nature Reserve

Hill River Spot

Hillarys Beach Park

Hillarys Boat Ramp

Hillbillys Hangover Hideout

Hillcrest Oval and Playground

Hillier Bay

Hillier Park

Hillman River Parking

Holgate Park

Holland Memorial Park - BBQ & Toilets

Honeycombs Beach

Honeymoon Bay

Honeymoon Cove

Honeymoon Cove Day Use Area

Hopetoun BBQ Area, Toilets & Playground

Hopetoun Beach Access And Car Park

Hopetoun Wharf

Horrocks Beach

Horrocks Beach - Playground & BBQ's

Horse Shoe Gorge

Horsepower Highway Roadside Parking Area

Houghton Park

Hudson Park

Huge Kids Playground

Huge Old Boab Tree

Huge Pull-off Area both sides

Hungry Hollow

Hunters Access

Hut Pool

Hutt Lagoon (Pink Lake) Roadside Rest Stop

Hyde Park

Hyden Rest Area

Hyden Rest Area - Road Intersection

I-Bay Near Regans Ford

Illawong Rest Area

Iluka Beach

Indarra Siding

Indee Rest Area (North Bound Lane)

Info Bay at Day Use Rest Area - NO OVERNIGHT

Informal Open Area

Information Bay

Information Bay

Information Bay - Parking Area

Information Bay - Western Side of Road

Information Bay and Amenities

Information Boards

Information Boards Day Stop

Inggarda Day Use Rest Area

Inggarda Day Use Rest Stop

Inggarda Rest Area

Injidup Beach

Ironstone Gully Falls

Irwin Inlet

Island Point Reserve

Island Pool

Isseka Pull In Spot

J's Beach

Jackaroo's Waterhole

Jakes Point - NO OVERNIGHT

Janzs Access - Fishing

Jeff Joseph Reserve

Jerramungup Rest Stop

Jesse Track Walk (Fish And Swim)

JH Abrahams Reserve



Jilakin Rock

Jim Mcculloch Park

Jingemia Cave Trail - Watheroo National Park

Jo Wheatley All Abilities Playground

John & Jean Mulder Park

John Forrest NP Day Use & Walking Tracks

John Glenn Park (Playground and bike park)

John Macmillan Park

John Oldham Park & David Carr Memorial Park

John Rate Lookout

John Stone Park

John Tonkin Reserve

Josh's Creek

JS Parking bay

Jubilee Park & Public Toilets

Julimar Conservation Park Day Use Area

Junction Bridge Day Use Area

Jurien Bay Foreshore

Jurien Bay Information Bay Rest Area

Jurien Bay Jetty, Playground and Jetty Cafe

Jyndabinbin Rocks

Kalbarri Boardwalk

Kalbarri Day Spot

Kalbarri Nature Playground

Kalbarri War Memorial

Kalgoorlie Arboretum - NO OVERNIGHT

Kambalda Swimming Pool

Kangaroo Point

Kanowna Dam

Kanowna Rest Area

Karinga Reserve

Karlgarin Pull Over

Karlgarin Rest Stop

Karlkurla Bushland Park

Karridale Day Rest Area (NO OVERNIGHT)

Katanning All Ages Playground

Kazuma Dunes

Kellys Pool

Kendenup Picnic Area Gazebo & BBQ

Kennys Tank Rest Area

Kepwari Day Use Area

Kerry Recreational Park

Kevin Langdon / Millington Reserve

Kevsta Rocks

Key Biscayne Park

Kids Playground

Kids Water Playground

King Edward Day Use Area

King river, Oyster Harbour

Kings Lake

Kings Lake

Kings Park And Botanical Gardens

Kingsway Aquatic Playspace And Nature Play

Kingsway Dog Exercise Area

Kinkuna Adventure Playground

Kirup Mill Park and Newys Vegie Patch Fresh Fr

Kite and Windsurfing (4WD)

Kojonup Apex Park

Kokerbin Rock Day Area

Kondinin Road Day Use

Koombana Bay Foreshore Park

Koombana Lookout

Koombana Park

Kori Bay

Korrelocking Reserve

Kulikup Nature Reserve

Kulin Discovery Zone Playground Area

Kulin Macrocarpa Trail

Kuljak Island

Kundip Nature Reserve

Kununurra Rest Area

Kwinana Adventure Park

La Grange Nature Reserve

Lac + picnic area with toilet and BBQ

Lagoon Beach

Lagrange Truck Rest Area

Lake Argyle Picnic Area

Lake Claremont

Lake Clifton Rest Area

Lake Cowan Lookout - G&WDT site 15

Lake Coyrecup siding

Lake Cronin Nature Reserve - NO OVERNIGHT

Lake Dumbleyung Ski Club

Lake Dumbleyung Yacht Club

Lake Ewlyamartup - Day Spot

Lake Goollelal Day Use Area

Lake Grace Day Use

Lake Grace Rest Stop

Lake Gwelup Day Use Area

Lake Hayward

Lake King Rest Area With Shower

Lake Mears

Lake Monger - Beautiful with Black Swans, Sunset

Lake Monjingup

Lake Monte Gordon - 4WD only

Lake Moyanup Drakesbrook Weir

Lake Navarino

Lake Picnic Area

Lake Richmond

Lake Towerrining Day Use Area

Lake Unicup

Lake Walk, Playground and Fish Park

Lake Wheatfield

Lakeside Picnic Area (Cape Range NP)

Lancelin Beach Foreshore

Lang Lookout

Langford Park

Langley Park

Large Parking Bay No Camping

Large Paved Pullover Day Use Rest Spot

Large Rest Bay (North & South Side) Bitumen

Laverton Roadside Rest Bay

Law Walk Scenic View

Lawley Park Day Use Area

Layman Picnic Site

Learmonth Beach Jetty

Ledge Beach

Ledge Point BBQ Area

Ledge Point Beach Area

Lee Creek

Leeman Beach Access & Carpark

Leeman's Landing

Leeuwn Lions Day Use Only

Lefthanders Circle

Leighton Beach

Len Howard Conservation Park

Lennard 4WD Track Picnic Area

Lennard Gorge Car Park

Leonora Sports Ground

Leopold Downs Road

Leopold Road/Great Northern Hwy Junction Rest Area

Lesmurdie Hills Viewing Park (Lions Lookout)

Lights Beach

Lily McCarthy Rock

Linthorne Reserve Day Use Area

Lions Club Park

Lions Lookout S/E Side Of Hunt St

Lions Park

Lions Park

Lions Park

Lions Park

Lions Park - Toilets & Water Tap

Lions Park Area

Lions Park Eaton

Lions Park Playground

Litchfield Park

Little Armstrong Bay

Little Beach (day use area)

Little Beach - DAY USE ONLY

Little Boat Harbour Beach

Little Creekside Camp

Little Lagoon

Little Lagoon BBQ and Toilets

Little Lagoon BBQ Area North

Little Lagoon Inlet

Little Lagoon mangroves 2wd

Little Long Point

Little Rock

Little Rock

Little Salmon Bay

Little Three Springs

Livvis Place Playground

Location To Park Van, Bus Etc While At Food Places

Lockyer Rec Reserve & Playground

Logue Brook - Clarke - Lake Brockman

Logue Brook - Saddlebank

Lol Gray Picnic Area (Fire restrictions apply)

Long Parking Area - NO OVERNIGHT

Long Parking Bays For Caravans

Longpool Day Use Area Preston River

Look Out



Lookout and Picnic Table (4WD)

Lord Nelson Pull Over Bay X 2

Lovers Cove Beach - walk in

Lovers Lane Cosy Corner

Lower King Boat Ramp - Day use only

Lower Lesmurdie Falls Picnic Area & Parking

Lower Ord Rapids

Lowlands Beach

Lucky Bay (Beach With Kangaroos & Lucky Bean C

Lunch Stop

Lunch Stop Pull Over Near Ruby Plains Homestead

Lynas Picnic Area and Lookout

Lynton Historic Site

Lytton Park


Maali Park Day Use Area

Mabel Downs Truck Rest Area

Macca's rest

Macfaull Park

Madfish Bay

Madora Beach & McLennan Park

Maggie's Valley Rest Area & Picnic area

Maida Vale Sportsground

Maiden Bush

Maidens Reserve

Main Beach Rottnest Island

Main Rds Bluemetal Stockpile

Main Roads Rest Stop - NO OVERNIGHT

Maitland Park

Majestic Cliff Views

Malimup Beach

Malyalling Rest Area (Both Sides Of Road)

Mandalay Beach Day Use

Mandu Mandu Gorge

Manjimup Park

Manjimup Park with Air Gym

Manjimup Rest Stop

Manjimup Timber & Heritage Park

Manjimup/ Jardee Rest Area

Manning Park Reserve

Manypeaks Roadside Parking Bay

Marbelup Day Use Rest Area

Marble Bar Pool (Jasper Rock)

Marble Bar Rest Area

Marble Bar Turn Off

Marble Bar War Memorial Park

Mardalup Park Day Use Area

Margaret River Rest Area (No Camping)

Marie Marland Reserve

Marine Terrace

Marinko Tomas Bicentennial Park

Marquee Park - Splash & play

Marracoonda Rest Area

Mary Carroll Park


Marys Road Creek

Massey Bay Former Dump Site (No Overnight)

Matilda Bay

Mauds Landing

Maulis Gravel Pit

Mauritius Beach

May River Bank

Maya Roadside Rest Area

McCormick St Pull Over - DAY USE ONLY

Mcgonnell Park

Meekatharra Park

Meekatharra Park

Meekatharra Roadside Stop - Great Northern Highway

Meelup Beach

Melene Reserve

Melros Roo Reserve

Membenup picnic site

Memorial Gardens

Memorial Park

Memorial Park

Memorial Park York

Menhir Gravel Pit

Mermaid Beach

Merredin Pumping Station Rest Area

Mesa A Mine - Picnic Spot

Miaboolya Beach day use only

Miami Bakehouse Fuel Northbound and southbound

Miaree Pool Day Use Pull Over with Bin

Middle Springs

Middle Swan Reserve

Middleton Beach

Midgegooroo National Park Rest Area

Midgies Beach

Miles Park Day Use Area

Mileys Beach

Mills Park Community Facility (Inc skatepark)

Mills Park with Public Toilet

Millstream Homestead

Milly Soak

Minarriny (Coulomb Point)

Mindalong Nudist Beach

Mine Road

Mingenew Hill

Mingenew Lions Park

Mini Rest Area

Mining Clearing

Mining Truck

Minninup Pool

Mirima National Park

Mogumber Rest Area

Mojito Range View

Molly Springs

Mondurup Reserve Day Use Area - NO OVERNIGHT

Monkey Mia Beach & Dolphin Feeding

Monkey Mia Roadside Pullover

Montrose Park Playground, Walking Tracks

Mooka Spring

Moora Apex Park

Moora Lunch Spot

Moore River Access

Moorine Rock

Moorine Rocks Picnic Area & unofficial overnight

Morawa Pioneer Park Playground

Morris Buzacott Reserve

Mosman Oval

Mosman Park Parking - NO OVERNIGHT

Mosquito Creek

Mount Bruce Carpark

Mount Claremount Park

Mount Herbert

Mount Magnet Playground

Mount Observation Picnic Area

Mount Stirling

Mountain View Pull In

Mowbowra Creek And Beach

Mt Barnett Roadhouse

Mt Blaze Pardoo

Mt Burnett Picnic Area

Mt Chudalup Summit Walk Trail

Mt Cooke Day Use Area - NO CAMPING

Mt Lennard / Pile Road MTB Trails (West Car Park)

Mt Magnet Day Use Area - Footy Oval

Mt Magog Picnic Area

Mt Matilda

Mt O'Brien Lookout

Muchea East Road Junction Large Parking Bay

Muir Hwy SE Of Red Lake

Mullaloo Beach

Mullaloo Westview Parking Station

Mullewa Lookout

Mundabullangana Pull Over

Mundaring Community Sculpture Park

Mundaring RV day use parking

Mundaring Weir

Mundijong Picnic Area

Mundijong Rest Area

Mundlimup Picnic Area

Munni Munni creek


Murchison Settlement

Mussell Pool Picnic Area

Muttonbird Beach

Myalup Beach

Myalup Rest Area

Mystery Beach

Nabawa Park

Nallan Lake Day Area

Nanarup Inlet & Beach

Nannup Lions Park & Potable Water

Nanny Goat Well

Nares Beach

Narrikup Park

Narrikup Rest Stop

Narrina Creek, Millstream

Narrogin Park aka Mackie Park

National Heritage Town

Native Dog Beach

Native Dog Lookout

Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge Day Use Area

Nature Park

Near To The Beach

Neds Corner Rest Area

Needilup Rest Area

Neil Hawkins Park

Neil McDougall Park Day Use Area

Newcastle Park

Newdegate Skate Park & Adventure Playground

Newman Road Side Pull Off

Newman Roadside Rest Area

Nice Park Opposite Tavern

Nice Spot For Lunch

Nilgen Lookout Nature Reserve

Nilgen Nature Reserve Dunes

Nilgen Nature Reserve Rest Area

Nine Mile Beach

Ningaloo NP T-Bone

No camping

No camping

No Overnight Or Camping

No shower anymore At Shell Station

Noble Falls - Gidgegannup

Noondamurra Pool

Norkal Park - Dog Excercise Area

Norm Thornton Park

Nornalup Canoe Launch

Norseman Welcome Park

North Beach Snorkelling

North Boyanup Rest Stop

North Dandalup Dam Day Use Area

North Ledge

North Mole Lighthouse - Nth Fremantle

North Point Beach (4WD only)

North Quobba Blowholes

North Two Rocks Dewars Beach

North Yandi Rail

Northampton Lions Park

Northbound Parking Bay

Northcliffe Forest Park

Northcliffe Kids Playground And Drinking Water

Northcliffe Rec Oval

Not Cowrie Creek

Not Quite There Yet

Novara Boat Ramp

Nth Bannister Three Ways Roadhouse

Nudist Beach

Nukara Farm

Nulla-Nulla Parking Bay

Nullagine Park

Nullagine Welcome Rest Spot


Nyaania Day Use Area - NO OVERNIGHT

O Conner Park

Oakley Dam

Observatory Beach

Observatory Point Carpark

Ocean Beach

Ocean Reef Marina Day Use Area

Oceanic Way Rest Area

Off Hwy Parking Area

Off Leash Dog Park Fenced

Off Road Pull Over

Off Road Rest Area

Off Road Stop

Offroad Long Vehicle Parking

Offroad Parking Bay - Western Side of Road

Old Air Strip

Old Gravel Pit

Old Karridale (Davies Park and Foundry Chimney) Da

Old Mill Dam

Old Mine Site Pool

Old Onslow Boat Ramp

Old Pindar Rest Side Stop

Old Road Alignment

Old Road Reserve Walking Tracks

Old Road Workers Area

Old Telegraph Station Hill

Old Toodyay Rest Area - DAY USE ONLY

Old Toodyay Road Pull Off

Old Waterloo School Rest Stop

Old Windmill & Stock Yards

One Arm Point and Jologo Beach

One Mile Marble Bar

One Tree Bridge

One Tree Rest Area

Onslow Community Garden

Onslow Road Rest Area

Open Area Off Road

Open Pool - Blackwood River National Park

Ophthalmia Dam

Opportunity Park Play Space

Optional Clothing Beach

Ord River Lookout

Orup Creek Cathederal of Trees RA

Osprey Bay Snorkeling Entry (Lots Of Turtles!)

Ottrey Park Day Use Area

Our Community Garden Collie

Outcrop Rest Area Southbound

Oyster Bridge Snorkelling

Pallarup Rock

Pallinup Beach Day Use Area

Pallinup Riverside

Palm Beach

Paperbark Park & John Cove

Parakeet Bay

Pardoo Creek

Pardoo Inlet

Pardoo Parking Area

Park / pullover

Park / Pullover

Park Bay Pull Over

Park For Kids And Adult Exercise

Park Grounds

Park W, Small Gravel & Boab Tree

Park with BBQ

Park With Playgound

Park with Playground

Park With Table and Water

Park, Beach, Toilets And Showers

Park, Playground and Public Toilets

Park, War Memorial and Public Toilets


Parking & Rest Area

Parking Area

Parking Area

Parking Area

Parking Area

Parking Area

Parking Area

Parking Area

Parking Area

Parking Area

Parking Area

Parking Area

Parking Area

Parking Area

Parking Area

Parking Area

Parking Area

Parking Area

Parking Area

Parking Area Off Main Rd

Parking Area (designated)

Parking Area (Near Dunes)

Parking Area Both Sides Of Road

Parking Area Pull Over behind trees

Parking Area Rest Stop

Parking Area West Side

Parking area, Derek Reynolds Reserve

Parking At River & Parkland

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay

Parking Bay With Bush Cover

Parking Bay - Both Sides of Road

Parking Bay - Day Use Area

Parking Bay - DAY USE North Bound

Parking Bay - Eastern Side of Road

Parking Bay - Eastern Side of Road

Parking Bay - Eastern Side of Road

Parking Bay - Left Hand Side When Heading North

Parking Bay - Northern Side of Road

Parking Bay - Rest Stop

Parking Bay - Southbound

Parking Bay - West Side Of Road

Parking Bay - Western Side of Road

Parking Bay - Western Side of Road

Parking Bay and also Water Tank Pull Off

Parking Bay and Info Board

Parking Bay at Heritage Area Entrance/Exit

Parking Bay Both Sides Of Road

Parking Bay Both Sides Of Road

Parking Bay Day Use

Parking Bay Day Use Area

Parking Bay For Wildflower Viewing

Parking Bay Juna Downs

Parking Bay Long

Parking Bay Long

Parking Bay Mt Palmer Gravel Pit

Parking Bay Next To Nature Reserve

Parking Bay North Bound

Parking Bay Northbound

Parking Bay On The Hill

Parking Bay Pull Over

Parking Bay Rest Area

Parking Bay Rest Stop

Parking Bay Roadside

Parking Bay Southbound Side Of Road

Parking Bay Sth Side

Parking Bay Sth Side Of Road

Parking Bay With Bin

Parking Bay With Bin

Parking Bay with Bin

Parking Bay With Bin

Parking Bay with bins

Parking Bay, Beautiful View

Parking Bay.

Parking Bays -Both Sides Of Road

Parking Bays (both sides)

Parking Bays Both Sides Of The Road

Parking Both Sides Of Road

Parking Entrance Lake - Day Use Area

Parking Next To 26 Parrallel Sign - NO OVERNIGHT

Parking northbound Traffic

Parking Only

Parking Rest Stop Only - Warradarge

Parking Spot

Parking Stop both sides of road

Parking with Bin - NO OVERNIGHT

Parry Lagoon Nature Reserve

Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary

Pattys Secret Beach

Paynes Find Parking Area

Peaceful Bay Beach

Peaceful Bay Jetty

Peachey Park Day Use Area

Peasholm Street Dog Beach


Peel Parade Park

Peel Wood Reserve - Dog Park

Pelican Point

Pelican Point Reserve

Pelican Point Sanctuary

Pelican Pool

Pelican Spit

Pemberton Outdoor Swimming Pool

Peppermint Beach

Peppermint Grove Beach

Peppermint Grove Beach Nth (NO OVERNIGHT)

Perenjori Rest Area

Perimeter Road Rest Area

Perry Lakes Reserve (see Photo) Water

Perry's Paddock

Peter Hegney Park

Pharoh Well

Phoebes Reserve - wildflower walk (NO CAMPING)

Phoenix Park

Piccaninny Carpark (Southern End)


Pickering Brook Heritage Park

Picnic Area

Picnic Area

Picnic Area

Picnic Area

Picnic Area

Picnic area

Picnic Area

Picnic Area - No Camping

Picnic area - old Quarry site for Wellington Dam

Picnic Area - Warradarge

Picnic Area and Pub Info

Picnic Area And Walking Trails

Picnic Area Culls Park

Picnic Area Near Boat Harbour

Picnic Area With Playground Near River

Picnic Area, Playground, Toilets with Showers

Picnic Rock

Picnic Site

Picnic Site And Walking Trail

Picnic Spot Greenough River

Picnic Spot Near Boats - Day Use Area only

Picnic Table Day Spot

Picnic Table/Rest Stop

Piesley Park

Piesse Brook Interpretive Trail

Piesse Park

Pigeon Hole Billabong

Pilgramunna Day Use Area (Cape Range NP)

Piney Lakes Reserve, Playground and Public Toilets

Pingaring Rest Area

Pingrup Outdoor Gym, Playground, BBQ, Toilet

Pingrup Rest Area

Pink Lake (Hutt Lagoon)

Pinnaroo Point

Pintharuka Rest Area

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park Merredin

Pioneer Park Picnic Area

Pioneer Park, Playground and Toilets

Pipehead Dam

Play Ground and BBQ Park Area






Playground & BBQ

Playground & BBQ Queens Garden

Playground & Bouncing Pillow

Playground & Park Area Capel

Playground & Skate Park Jurien Bay

Playground + Public Toilets

Playground - Narrogin

Playground and foreshore

Playground and Off Leash Dog Area

Playground and Restroom

Playground And Skate Park

Playground And Skate Park

Playground And Toilets

Playground at Pages beach

Playground Kalannie

Playground park with BBQ and toilets

Playground VC Mitchell Park

Playground with BBQ's

Playground, BBQ, Toilets

Playground, Park and BBQ

Playground, Parkland, BBQ

Pleasant Grove Reserve Wetland


Point Denison Complete Spot

Point Picquet

Point Quobba

Point Walter - Bicton (DAY USE AREA)

Poison Creek

Police Pool Reserve

Pool Area

Poonthuna Pool

Popanyinning Rest Area - NO OVERNIGHT

Pope's Nose Creek, Popular For Fishing

Port Beach - North Fremantle

Port Coogee Ngarkal Beach

Port Gregory Beach

Port Kennedy Beach

Port Kennedy Jetty/Boat Ramp

Port Smith Lagoon Boat Ramp

Potters Gorge Picnic Area & Boat Ramp

Prendwick Park Shower

Preston Beach

Preston Dune Day Use

Preston River, Dardanup West Rd

Pretty Pool

Prevelly Surfers Point Beach

Private Property

Pt Ann Day Use Area

Public Area

Public Rest Area

Public Toilet - Apex Park

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets - Coral Bay Boat Ramp

Public Toilets and Rest Area

Pull In

Pull In Off Road

Pull In With Bin

Pull Out Bay (with bins)

Pull Over

Pull Over

Pull Over

Pull over

Pull Over

Pull Over

Pull Over (north of Salmon Gums)

Pull Over Area

Pull Over Area

Pull Over Area

Pull Over Area - NO OVERNIGHT

Pull Over Area For Caravan

Pull Over Bay

Pull Over Bay

Pull Over Bay

Pull Over Bay 1.5kms from Intersection

Pull Over Parking Area

Pull Over Parking Bay

Pull over Peedamulla

Pull Over Picnic Area

Pull Over Rest Area

Pull Over Site At Junction Of Port Warrender Rd

Pull Over Stop

Pull Over Stop Eastern Side

Pull Over with bin

Pull Over with Bin

Pull Over.

Pull Over/Park Area

Pull-off Area

Pull-over with Info Board With Tables




Pullover Bay / Rest Area

Pullover Spot

Puntapin Rock & Nature Reserve

Pure Marri (Karri Forest Trail)

Pussycat Hill Scenic Lookout

Pyramid Beach Surf Club

Python Pool

Quagi Beach Day Use and Nearby Camp Area

Quairading Nature Reserve & Nookaminnie Rock

Quarry Adventure Park

Quarry Bay

Queens Gardens

Quiet Side Road Rest

Quininup toilets

Quinns Beach Carpark

Rail Crossing Park Bay

Railway Day Use Rest Area

Rainbow Water Play

Ranford Pool

Rangeview Park; Ravensthorpe.

Raphael Park - 1 INSIDE SHOWER

Ravensthorpe Truck Stop

Ray Paynter Reserve

Recreational Area and Skatepark

Recreational Park

Red Bluff Beach

Red Cliff Sanctuary Zone

Red Gum Springs

Red Point Pardoo Station

Redgate Beach

Redgate Old Camp

Regans Ford

Remembrance Garden/Information Bay

Rendall Weir

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest area

Rest Area

Rest Area & Public Toilets

Rest Area (NO CAMPING)

Rest Area (North Side)

Rest Area (Parking Bay)

Rest Area (South Side)

Rest Area - Bins Only

Rest Area - Day Use

Rest Area - No Camping

Rest Area - No Camping Allowed

Rest Area - One big tree by roadside

Rest Area - Southbound

Rest Area /w bin

Rest Area and Memorial Park

Rest Area BBQ

Rest Area Mulga Downs

Rest Area N

Rest Area Next To Puma Station

Rest Area No Rubbish Bins

Rest Area Northbound

Rest Area Northbound

Rest Area Northern Side of Road

Rest Area Northern Side of Road

Rest Area Northern Side of Road

Rest Area Off Road

Rest Area on GRR at Kalumburu Turnoff

Rest Area Opposite Rice Road

Rest Area Port Smith

Rest Area Road Side

Rest Area Roebuck Plains

Rest Area South Bound

Rest Area Southbound

Rest Area Southern Side of Road

Rest Area Southern Side of Road

Rest Area Southern Side of Road

Rest Area with bin

Rest Area with Bin

Rest area with bins/bitumen

Rest Area With Great View

Rest Area, Parking Bay

Rest Area, Toilet and Shower

Rest Area- Parking Area

Rest Bay

Rest Bay

Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Rest stop

Rest stop

Rest stop

Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Rest stop & free WiFi (FMG Rail Lookout)

Rest Stop / Parking Bay

Rest Stop 40km Out Of Leonora

Rest Stop Burkett Rd

Rest Stop Burkett Rd (West)

Rest Stop Day Use

Rest Stop Duck Creek

Richardson Park

Ricketts Reserve

Riddell Beach (Red Cliffs)

Rio Tinto Naturescape - Kids Playground

Ripplevale Park

River Access Swimming Area

River Banks

River Picnic & Swimming Area

River Scenic Route

River Side

River Side pullover

River Swimspot On Kalgan

Riverbend Picnic Area

Rivermouth Day Use Area

Riverside - Strelley River East

Riverside Gardens

Riverside Stop

Riverton Leisureplex

Road Junction

Road Junction.

Road realignment

Road Side Day Use Spot behind trees

Road Side Day Use Stop

Road Side Parking

Road Side Parking/Rest Area

Road Side Pull Off

Road Side Pull Over

Road Side Pull Over

Road Side Rest - DAY USE ONLY

Road Side Rest Area

Road Side Rest Stop

Road Side Stop

Road Side Stop

Road Side Stop

Road Side Stop (Bitumen)

Road Side Stop. Western Side Of HG

Road To Lights Beach

Roadside Clearing

Roadside Day Stop

Roadside Day Use Area South Bound

Roadside Day Use Cleared Areas

Roadside Day Use Parking Bay

Roadside Day Use Stop

Roadside Parking

Roadside Parking

Roadside Parking

Roadside Parking

Roadside Parking

Roadside Parking

Roadside Parking

Roadside parking

Roadside Parking

Roadside parking

Roadside Parking

Roadside Parking

Roadside Parking

Roadside Parking

Roadside Parking

Roadside Parking

Roadside Parking

Roadside Parking

Roadside Parking Area

Roadside Parking Area

Roadside Parking Area

Roadside parking bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside parking bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay

Roadside Parking Bay - Eastern Side Of Road

Roadside Parking Bay - Southbound

Roadside Parking Bay -Southbound

Roadside Parking Bay Loop

Roadside Parking Bay North Bound

Roadside Parking Bay South Bound

Roadside Parking Bay Southbound

Roadside Parking Bay Southbound

Roadside Parking Bays

Roadside parking bays

Roadside Parking North Bound

Roadside Parking South Bound

Roadside Parking South Bound

Roadside Parking. South Of Marker

Roadside Pull In North Bound

Roadside Pull Off

Roadside Pull off - Great Northern Hwy

Roadside Pull Over

Roadside Pull Over

Roadside Pull Over

Roadside Pull Over

Roadside Pull Over Bay

Roadside Pull Over with Bin

Roadside Pull-over - NO OVERNIGHT

Roadside Reserve - NO OVERNIGHT

Roadside Rest Area

Roadside Rest Area

Roadside Rest Area

Roadside Rest Area

Roadside Rest Area

Roadside Rest Area

Roadside Rest Area

Roadside Rest Area

Roadside Rest Stop

Roadside Rest Stop

Roadside Rest Stop

Roadside Rest Stop

Roadside Rest Stop

Roadside Rest Stop

Roadside Rest Stop

Roadside Rest Stop

Roadside Rest Stop

Roadside Rest Stop

Roadside Rest Stop

Roadside Rest Stop

Roadside Rest Stop (South)

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop & Boat Ramp (Unofficial)

Roadside Stop - Agnew-Sandstone Rd


Roadside Stop both Sides Of road

Roadside Stop near Useless Loop Corner

Roadside Stop North Bound

Roadside Stop ROEBUCK

Roadside Stop, Information Board, Off Road Parking

Roadtrain Parking Area

Robert L Perry Park

Robert Thompson Playground Picnic Area

Robertson Park

Rock Fishing

Rockpools (BBQ and Table)

Rocks Near Hines Hill - day use only

Rocky Gully Lions Park

Rocky Pool

Roe Gardens, Kings Park Place of Reflection

Roebourne-Wittenoom Road Pullover

Roebuck Plains Rest Area

Roebuck Rest Area

Ronsard Reserve

Rope Swing Into Manning Gorge River

Rosa Glen

Rosie's Dune Valley

Rossiter Bay

Rosslare Park

Rotary Park

Rotary Park & Public Toilets

Rotary Park - Opp Shire Offices

Rotary Park Coorow

Rotary Park Picnic Area

Rotary Peace Park

Rottnest Island

Roy Little Park

Ruabon Rest Area

Rubbish Bins (Day Use Rest Area)

Rundall Park

Rushton Park

Rushton Park Playground

RV Parking

Sacha-Belles Spot

Saddle Hill Cliffs

Saddler Springs - NO CAMPING

Salmon Beach

Salmon Beach

Salmon Beach Look Out

Salmon Day Use Area

Sam The Seal

San Marco Day Use Area

Sanctuary Waters

Sandford Rocks Nature Reserve


Sandy Bay

Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach Reserve

Sandy Beach West

Sandy Cape Lookout & Boardwalk

Sandy Point

Saw Avenue Playground and Picnic Area

Scaddan Pioneer Park

Scarborough Beach and Shower

Scarborough Beach Skate Park

Scarp Pool

Scenic Dam Day Use Parking Area

Scenic View and Telstra Mast

Screaming Pigeon Rest Area

Sea Views

Seabird Beach Access

Seabird Loop

Seaspray Beach

Seaview Day Use Area

Secluded Beach On Roebuck Bay

Secret Bay Day Use

Secret Beach

Secret Harbour Dog Beach

Selby Park (Dog off leash park)

Serpentine Dam Picnic Spot

Serpentine Falls National Park

Serpentine Park, South Guildford

Seven Mile Beach

Shaded Rest

Shady Grounds Blackwood River

Shady Spot

Shannon Day Use Area

Shark Bay Turn Off

Shell Beach - NO OVERNIGHT

Shell Beach Parking and Access

Shelly Beach (2) and (1) Eastern end of Bay

Shelly Beach

Sheltered Spot close to fishing

Shenton Park Jualbup Lake Day Use Area

Sherlock Station Parking Bay North & South Bou

Shipwreck Cove Park

Shipwreck Walk Rest Stop

Shire Of Menzies & Town Hall

Shoalwater Beach

Short Beach

Shothole Canyon, Cape Range National Park

Side Road Parking Area

Side Track From The Midlands Road

Simpson's Beach Access

Singleton Beach Day Use Area

Sir Frederick Samson Park

Sir John Gorge

Sister Sam Water Playground - Free cold showers

Six Mile

Six Mile beach

Six Mile Hill

Skate Park

Skate Park

Skate Park

Skate Park

Skate Park & 24hr Public Toilet

Skate Park & Small Playground



Skeet Memorial Park

Skipjack Point

Skippy Rock

Skippy Rock Rd Sunset Spot

Sloan Cottage

Small Park and Beach

Small Park Day Use Area

Small Parking Bay

Small Parking Bay

Small Parking Bay

Small Parking Bay

Small Pull Through

Small Roadside Area

Small Roadside Parking Area

Small Skate Park and Playground

Smiths Beach

Snake Hill Lookout

Snappygum Park

Snelgars Dune Membinup Beach

Sorrento Beach

Sounness Park


South Beach

South Beach

South Beach Recreation Reserve

South Coast Hwy

South Dandalup Dam

South Doodlakine

South Kumminin Information And Picnic Bay

South Ledge View

South Meekatharra Parking Bay

South Perth Ferry And Walking Track

South Perth Foreshore & CBD View

South Trigg Carpark & Beach

Southern Ports Authority Day Use Area

Spalding Park Miniature Railway

Spillway Creek

Spoilbank Recreation Reserve

Sports Oval And Playground

Spray Park

Spring Creek, Ngamoowalem Conservation Park

Square Beach Day Use Areas

Squeaky beach

St David's Church Picnic Area

St George beach

Start Of City Beach Day Use Area

Statham Quarry

Station 5 Island Point - Day Use Area

Statute Of King Neptune View Point

Steel Tree Park

Stevens Reserve Play Field

Stewart Road Rest Area

Stewart Road Side Pull Over

Stickybeaks Cafe & Ivey Watson Playground

Stirk Park

Stirling Civic Gardens

Stirling Range National Park Picnic Area

Stirling Square Gardens

Stokes Inlet Day Use Area

Street Art - Collie Art Trail - Wellington Shelter

Strelley Parking

Strelley Rest Area

Sturdee Road Rest Area

Sues Rd Parking Bay Day Stop

Sues Rd West Pullover

Sues Road Day Use Parking Area

Sullivan Rock

Summy's Park Picnic Area(Boat Ramp, Fish Clea

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach Picnic Area

Supreme Court Gardens

Surf Point

Surf Spot

Surveyors Pool Carpark

SW Highway Rest Stop Close To Bunbury

Swan River Picnic Area (access via foot bridge)

Swanbourne Beach

Swarbrick Street Jetty - NO OVERNIGHT

Sway Bridge

Swim Area with Rope Swing

Swim Beach

Swim Pool

Swimming Hole

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Morgantown, Oct.-Apr.

Swimming Under Bridge

Swingler Park Day Use Area

Synergy Park Childrens Playground

T-junction & Pincic Table

Table Island - Condingup

Tagon Beach 4WD only

Talbot Hall Bush Reserve

Talbot Road West Pull Over

Tammin Info Bay

Tampu Well

Tanami Roadside Pull off

Tank 7 lookout

Tank Hill / Lions Lookout

Tanker Jetty Playground Park

Tathra National Park

Taylor Foreshore

Ten Mile Lagoon

Tennis Courts

Termite Nests Rest Area - No Camping

The Basin

The Big Rock

The Blow Holes

The Blue Holes - Snorkelling

The Breakers Picnic spot

The Esplanade Walk


The Grotto

The Harbour Playground and Beach

The Humps Reserve & Mulka Cave

The Lagoon Swimming Channel

The Lagoon, Bateman Sanctuary Zone

The Oasis (Information Board and Rest Area)

The Pines Picnic Area

The Spot ( Surf Break )

The Spot Pardoo

The Terraces Picnic Spot

The Water Dance Rest Area

The Waterhole (Town Dam)

Thirsty Point Reserve

Thirteen Mile Beach - No camping allowed

Thistle Cove

Thomson Bay

Three Bears Surf Beach - NO OVERNIGHT

Three Springs Playground and Toilets

Thunder Bay

Tidy Town Park and River

Tiger Park Adventure Park

Tim & Meg's Spot - ADHERE TO FIRE BANS

Tim's Thicket

Tims (Memorial)

Tin Dog Creek

Tin Horse Hwy Roadside Stop

Toilet Under Barchetta

Toilet, Shower & BBQ

Toilets and Car Park

Tomato Lake Reserve

Tombstones Beach

Tookulup Look Out

Top Of Sapper Road Hill

Top Of Wongalala Falls

Torpedo Rock

Torradup Inlet

Totadgin Rock Conservation Park

Town Beach

Town Beach and Community Park

Town Beach BBQ Area

Town Beach Esperance

Town Beach Mandurah

Town Beach, BBQ

Town Oval/Skater Park/Playground

Train Park


Trayning Rest Area

Trealla Beach

Tree Lined Rest Bay

Tree-in-the-Rock Day Use Area

Tren Creek

Trigg Beach

Tropic Of Capricorn Rest Stop

Truck And Parking Bays

Truck Rest Area

Truck Stop

Truslove Rest Area (Grass Patch)

Tuart Park

Tullis Bridge

Tunnel Creek National Park

Turner Creek Crossing

Turner St Jetty

Turquoise Way - Cycle Path

Twelve Mile Beach

Twilight Beach

Twilight Beach Day Spot

Two Bin Rest Stop

Two Peoples Bay

Two Rocks Beach Site

Two Rocks Dunes

Two Rocks Sea Rescue Car Park Marina

Twobin Rest Area

Under The Hotham River Bridge

Unofficial Day Use

Upper Lesmurdie Falls Picnic Area

Urban Orchard

Valentine Rapids

Valentine Springs Crossing

Valley Of The Giants Picnic Area

Varley Pagoda Rest Area

Varley Sport Complex - Playground

Victoria Park Reserve

Victoria Reservoir

View Point And Park

Views From Mt Herbert

Volunteer Park

Waddy Forrest Community Hall

Walcott Yacht Club & Beach

Waldburg Park

Walgoolan Memorial Rest Area

Waljin Aboriginal Garden

Walking Trail And Parking

Walpole Nornalup DAY USE ONLY

Walpole Nornalup Inlets Marine Park

Walpole Oval Playground

Walpole Wilderness Discovery Centre Mt Frankland

Walter Padbury Playground, BBQ, Toilet and Water

Walyunga Pool Picnic Area

Wanagarren Nature Reserve Rest Stop 3

Wandana Nature Reserve

Wandering Rest Area


Wangaran Nature Reserve Rest Stop East Side

Wangaree Park

Wangaree Park

Wannamal Cemetery And Blue Metal Pit Opposite

Wannamal Parking Bay

Warla gorge on Hann River

Warnbro Beach

Warnbro Beach

Warnbro Beach Carpark

Warnbro Dog Beach

Waroona North Rest Area

Waroona Totem Poles Rest Area

Warradarge Parking Bay - Western Side of Road

Warrangup Springs Toilet Facility

Warrenup Beach (3) 4WD

Water Park Day Use Area

Water Tank Stop

Water Tap

Water Tap

Waterfall beach

Waterfall Beach (William Bay National Park)

Watering Hole

Waterside Park

Wattoning Historical Site

Wayside Stop

Wayside Stop Designated

Weano Gorge Day Use Area

Wedge Island Sand Dunes

Weeli Wolli

Welcome Rest Stop - 6 Mile

Welcome Rest Stop Hamersley Gorge

Wellstead Rest Area & Dump Point

Welly Dam Swimming

West Beach

West Beach

West Perenjori Nature Reserve

West-bound Rest Area

Westdale Parking Bay

Whale Bone

Wharton Beach and Public Toilets

Wheelchair Beach Access

White Everlastings

White Hills Beach

White Peak Off Road

Whiteman Park

Whiteman Park Picnic Area

Whitfords Dog Beach

Wickepin RV stop

Wilara Street Park


Wilbinga Camp Spot

Wilbinga Grove Rest Area

Wilcox Rd Rest Area

Wildflower Roadside

Williams Nature Reserve (Day use)

Willmott Park

Willow Springs Picnic Area

Wilroy Nature Reserve

Wilson Park Nature Playground

Wiltshire-Butler National Park

Wilyabrup Brook

Wind/kitesurfing Spot

Windjana Gorge

Windmill Parking Bay

Windy Point

Winnejup Bridge

Wireless Hill Park

Witchcliff Park & Toilets


Wongamine Nature Reserve

Wongan Hills Community Park

Wongan Hills Pull Over

Wonnerup Beach Beach and Carpark

Wonnerup Pullover

Woodanilling Centenary Park

Woodanilling Parking Bay

Woodbridge Park

Woodman Point

Woodman Point - John Graham Reserve

Woodman Point Boat Ramp Car Park

Woodman Point Dog Beach (Dog Park)

Woodridge Picnic Area

Woodville Reserve

Woody Lake Nature Reserve

Woolgangie Rock

Worsley Weekenders

Worth a cuppa spot

Wotto Nature Reserve

Wreck Of The Ship 'Kwinana' (Wells Park)

Wubin Rest Stop

Wungong Dam Picnic Spot

Wungong Dam Upper BBQ Area

Wunnamurra Gorge

Wyalkatchem Day Use Rest Area

Wyalup Rocky Point

Yalgorup National Park Day Use Area

Yallingup Beach Lagoon

Yanchep Lagoon and Showers

Yanchep National Park

Yandoo Creek Roadside Parking Bay

Yannarie Rest Area

Yardie Creek

Yarra Yarra Lakes Lookout - Day Use Area

Yarragin Rock

Ye Olde Backpacker Homestead

Yeagarup Lake

Yeerakine Rock

Yellow Crab Beach Sanctuary Zone

Yenibookal Pool

Yenny Spring

Yenyenning Lakes (Through Ski Road)

Yilgarn Granite Discovery - Frog Rock

Yillyminning Rock

Yoganup Rest Area

Yorkrakine Rock

Yornaning Dam Day Use Area

Youth Plaza Skate Park & Playground

Z Bend Carpark


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