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Monkey Mia Rd, Monkey Mia, Western Australia


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Lat: -25.793827 Lng: 113.719681

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Save your time and money 4 hours in the heat and no show dolphins. Not their fault but very disappointing. Restaurant ok but expensive to many people the pool was full. I would not go again. By the way I stayed at Denham much cheaper.



Day visit, agree with everyone else - waste of time and money, stick to the national park. Dolphin "feeding" is a 20 minute speech about safety and the beach and their licences and permits and 2 minutes of dolphins actually being fed. Restaurant served stale bread.



Lots of confusion in the reviews here WA parks are the ones charging the entry fee to see the Dolphins. Not RAC. If you read the. RAC website it makes it very clear. There are fees for many parks in WA. As for the entry fee charged by parks for monkey Mia It is reasonable to charge a fee but I don't know how WA PARKS get away calling something an ALL PARKS PASS then excluding a number of parks. Change the name or risk the ACCC having something to say. That aside if staying more than one day buy the multi day pass and reconcile that the government is milking you. Count the number of dolphins you see especially after the feeding experience and you will start to feel you get better value per dolphin. Hang about after the feeding and you will often find six or more dolphins come in closer


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