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Yalgoo-Ninghan Road, Paynes Find, Western Australia

9964 0901



Located in Karara Rangeland Park, which comprises six former pastoral stations and hosts a diversity of landscapes, habitats and inhabitants. Camping is available however there are no facilities. Camping fees apply for all overnight stays within Karara Rangeland Park. They can be paid online at Park Stay WA, or by contacting the Parks and Wildlife Service in Geraldton on 9964 0901. One booking is valid for all camping areas in the park. Camp at any camping area for any night of your booking. Moving between camping areas is permitted. Although campfires are permitted in Karara Rangeland Park, many negative impacts can be avoided by using fuel stoves instead. If having campfires, please bring your own firewood, keep fires small and use fireplaces where provided. Collecting firewood removes essential habitats used by a host of native flora and fauna, including endangered species. Insects, reptiles and other small animals lose their homes when wood is removed. Animals are displaced, nutrient recycling is disrupted and the balance of ecosystems is disturbed. Generators are permitted between 8am and 9pm. This site has 2WD access. Roads in the park are unsealed. Maximum stay in any park: 14 nights if any night is during Western Australia public school holidays, 28 nights at any other time. Pets are not permitted.

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Lat: -29.134245 Lng: 117.18628

User Reviews


Campers Roma and Aussie Wide

I feel compelled to write this review, as it will be the last visit we do. As a person that saw this place many years ago, being bought here by a family of descentants that lived and worked here, it is sad to see what now remains after DEPAW, Calm, (whatever they are presently called) have control of it. This does not include Trackcare, who have done and continue to do a marvellous job of maintenance. People that visit now would not know of the destruction of a bulldozer a few years ago. They bulldozed the unique circular sheep dip, the yards, the old cement paths from around the house and shearers quarters, the old handbuilt tank stand and base that the large lizards had made their home, the succulent garden around a tree,etc. Enjoy whats here while you can.


User 1226695

No bugs! Wildflower garden! Can it get any better?!


Stephanie 4

Nice peaceful spot with lots of room for privacy of sites. We're close to the homestead and are amazed at how good the internet service is here so I've edited the site to include. There are mine sites around so it may change if they move out.


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