Water Tap at Boat Ramp

Water Facility

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55 Ellen Street, Solomontown, South Australia


Water taps at the boat wash down, at the boat ramp. (Mixed reports as to whether of not the water is potable) Ice water also available from a dispenser $2 for 5 litres.

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Lat: -33.182474 Lng: 138.016986

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Jello Biafra

Sooo, facing the the town (not the boat ramp), the sign for the left tap just has some random info about usage, nothing about "boats only". The sign for the taps on the right side says "boats only". I reckon I've collected about 100km of non biodegradable fishing line, 10kg of bait bags and 50 glow in the dark lures from the beaches of Oz in my travels. I thinks that's a fair trade off with the fishing community for a few litres of water. Whether it's potable or not, just filter it, boil it, job done. Spend some money at the smaller retailers (Woolies, Coles and ALDI doesn't count) and sleep soundly xx


Maree Bullock

9 Feb 2020 You get the potable water at the boat ramp....NOT the yacht club


Retreat 2

Good water at no charge. Unlimited supply.


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