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Water Facility

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Ikartuka Terrace, Oodnadatta, South Australia


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Lat: -27.547487 Lng: 135.447344

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I've put a photo in of the steps I went through and was able to get water out each time (albeit was being persistent with the card reader). 1. Hook up hose/have containers under tap ready to go. 2. Press the button left of "20L=$4" 3. Use card reader. I inserted the card, tap didn't seem to work. Can take a while to aurthorise so if it seems to be working give it some time. 4. Once authorised the button just to the right of "Treatment/Storage/Dispensing Facility" will turn red. Press this button and hold it either until you don't need any more water or it stops dispensing.



Got 80L out of this today (4x20L). Not sure if I'm lucky or was more persistent. Quite haphazard with the card reader, had to try a few times, not sure how many times my card got charged (internet too bad to check but hopefully only the 4 times we got water). I suspect one issue might be poor internet connection for the eftpos, sometimes it took ages to authorise, sometimes it cancelled, sometimes it didn't register the card was being presented. Also, at first I didn't realise had to press the button right of "Treatment/Storage/Dispensing Facility" to actually dispense the water (I was pressing the button left of "20L=$4" at first but that didn't work, then noticed the button right of "Treatment/Storage/Dispensing Facility").



Still not working! Takes money & dosen't dispense water


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