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Pajinka Rd, New Mapoon, Queensland


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Lat: -10.788515 Lng: 142.459058

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Organised Chaos

I was pretty disappointed by this place. My parents first visited the Croc Tent 20yrs ago and purchased a rain stick and other traditional souvenirs, thats is what I expected and had a few things I wanted. It is now mainly filled with chinese made stubby holders, t shirts, hats etc. And across the road is a real piece of history yet when we were there no one bothered to even take a look, and there isn't even a wikicamps maker for it.


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We hadn't planned to go here because we knew we would spend money but did anyway and spent $200 but walked away with tops for the 4 of us to say we had made it too the tip. One of those things you just have to do. Staff really helpful and we love our new tops too



An iconic tourist shop near the tip. Very friendly owners. The shirts are a 'bit' of a must do. The kids love theirs. Bit naff but bloody awesome. Spent a small fortune buying kids shirts and a bunch of hats for friends and pencil cases etc. Good selection and prices that are reasonable. For example a truckers hat from Bramwell Station with the Bramwell Logo $30, A truckers hat with Cape York on it $20 from the Croc tent. Hence why it is easy to buy a lot of gifts for friends and family


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