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Here at cherrabah camping we are all about our country atmosphere. This is a place for families and friends to sit back and enjoy a cold drink by the fire while the kids play and feed animals near by. There's no need to constantly ask 'where the kids are' because, where the animals are the kids are. Having this peace of mind makes camping for the whole family much more enjoyable and stress free! Which is why we've had so many families come back! Also, The staff here at the resort are extremely laid back and are willing to lend a hand wherever needed. So if your looking for something a little different and want the kids to stop bothering you. Then check us out.

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Lat: -28.423866 Lng: 152.097003

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hi. in the introductory paragraph it says" no need to constantly ask where the kids are because they will be with the animals".. From a country person to city or other country campers .. Where there is either. WATER and/or FARM animals-- you need to be totally vigilant. DO WORRY where the kids are, STAY WITH them! Drowning can happen in SECONDS, not minutes and is SILENT. Drowning in dams is not at all uncommon in rural Australia. sheep, goats, ponies can be unpredictable, especially if children are not used to them. eg walk behind a pony and you are liable to be kicked, even fatally. And what about snakes? We have been to Cherrabah and I don't believe the animals are particularly dangerous but to say "don't worry where the kids are" is madness.



A beautiful landscape and camp grounds with very friendly staff. Unfortunately that's where the positive notes ended, it was far from what the website had lead us to believe. There were very few animals. We were under the impression that there would be horses that we could ride and animal feeding tours that we could do (instead we were given some pellets and told we could feed whatever animals we could find) The walking tracks doubled as motorbike tracks so unsafe with kids. The toilets weren't cleaned in the 6 days that we were there. The whole place was very run down and neglected. It has so much potential and is such a beautiful setting however it seems the care and the maintenance in the place has been totally neglected.


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