Knobby Head North


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This site is now $20 per night, per vehicle effective from 22nd March 2021. Camping right on the beach, nature based camping is allowed for up to 72 hours. You can camp for up to 3 nights in any period of 28 consecutive days in the Shire of Irwin, the coastal nodes including Cliff Head, Fresh Water Point and Knobby Head are classified as one location. We encourage visitors to support local businesses located in Dongara-Port Denison.

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Lat: -29.653724 Lng: 114.965622

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Just drove past, (Sat 10th April) road closed signs, trying to keep campers away due to weather warnings in place.



Charged $20 a night would be happy to pay $10 a night but $20 is too much!! Continue on into Geraldton for great free camping, hot showers and somewhere to wash your hands!!! Just plain greedy... you are paying for a toilet, nothing else!!!


User 2534127

Just passed through today. Still free.



Crayfishing village not a very nice beach


User 1979610

Going to charge for this in the future, could this be a anything to do with the shire owning both van parks in Dongara, the local ratepayers should be up in arms as tourists bypass their businesses and go to Geraldton where there is free camping near the Port Authorities building, beachfront with a dump, or Eneabba Rec Ground for $5 per person with hot showers and clean flushing toilets, or Lake Indoon, shame on the Irwin shire councillors



It's ok but got to be honest and say there are better spots. Just as well it's free at the moment as would not be prepared to pay $20 a night unless more was done. Sad to say the men's drop toilet was a disgrace and could not used. Moved to Cliff Head a few Kms north and that is a different story.



We stayed last night 21st March. Just us and a car with a couple. Nice spot for overnight or 72 hours if you want. Long drop toilets. Big rubbish bin. Walk to beach. Just beautiful calm sea. Would recommend for overnight.



Currently still free for 72 hours. Close to beach and has basic toilets and a skip bin.


User 1373366

Nice little spot right next to the beach. Little bit windy at night in case you sleep in a tend. Clean drop toilets provided.


User 2308191

If shire are charging in the future, I hope it goes towards tidying this strip of sites up as they're not what they could be with remnants of settlers shacks and property left where they once stood

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